Current or returning Traffic Education teachers who need to renew their approval to teach traffic education in the State of Montana must submit a TE05 form to the OPI. The form can be downloaded, filled out by hand and mailed or faxed, or simply filled out below and submitted electronically.

If you are a teacher applying for the FIRST time to become a traffic education teacher, please return to the Driver Educators page and follow the instructions for new approvals.

Approval to teach traffic education must be renewed with each renewal of the teacher's educator license. SUBMIT THE TE05 FORM BEFORE SEPTEMBER 30.  Your approval to teach traffic education expires on October 1 the same year your educator license expires. Please note: Your educator license needs to be renewed by June 30.

We require the TE05 form so we can 1) check your driving record, 2) affirm your intention to continue teaching driver education, and 3) update your contact information.

Submit this form anytime during the year your educator license expires or following renewal of your educator license.  We will approve your TE05 when:

  • Your educator license is renewed.
  • Your driving record has been checked.*
  • Any required college credits earned toward your traffic educator minor have been verified by MSU-Northern, Havre.**

*  If you are registered to drive in a state other than Montana, you will need to obtain a current copy of your driving record from the appropriate state agency and submit with this renewal form.

** Upon request, MSU-Northern will send OPI an updated Traffic Education Program Sheet.

Not sure how many credits you need to renew? Contact LeAnn Haas at (406) 444-4432 with any questions you may have.

Visit the Montana State University-Northern (Havre) website for more information on obtaining the required credits to maintain approval while working toward a traffic education minor. 
Earn one college credit by attending and writing a paper on the spring conference of the MONTANA TRAFFIC EDUCATION ASSOCIATION.
Earn one college credit by completing a MONTANA DRIVE WORKSHOP and student-teaching the following day.

  • Phone Number
  • Phone Number

    If applicable, please email TE Program Sheet to LeAnn Haas.

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