Early Literacy Collaborative

The focus of the OPI’s Early Literacy Collaborative is to provide guidance on the implementation of 20-7-18, MCA Early Literacy Targeted Interventions, including the school jumpstart programs, classroom-based interventions, and home-based learning programs for eligible students aged four years old and not yet in third grade. In addition, the Collaborative will provide data and feedback to the Board of Public Education’s Early Literacy Advisory Council. The members of this collaborative have applied and been appointed by the Superintendent of Public Instruction to this nongoverning committee.



Collaborative Meeting Schedule 

 November 29, 2023 - Agenda 

  • Summary: Overview of HB 352.  Reviewed a timeline illustrating the responsibilities of the OPI, BPE, and board of trustees. 

 December 13, 2023 - Agenda | Meeting Recording

  • Summary: Reviewed at the Early Literacy Collaborative Space on the Teacher Learning Hub. Discussed the proposed evaluation methodology screening tools as set forth by the BPE. 

 January 24, 2024 - Agenda | Meeting Recording

  • Summary: Reviewed the updated Chapter 63 Standards, gained feedback on the drafted HB352 flier, and talked about distributing a survey to gauge program participation.

 February 14, 2024- Agenda 

  • Summary: The group discussed some questions about how districts will submit methodology tool information to OPI and the BPE if they are not using one of the methodology tools on the BPE’s recommended list. OPI will be updating and adding to the FAQ document on the website.  The website will also be updated with a matrix to show when students can participate in the various programs (jumpstart, classroom-based, and home-based). We also discussed the need for support for the implementation of these programs.

March 13, 2024Agenda I Meeting Recording

  • Summary: Updates on screening tool decisions,  additions to the website, and new resources to share. Office hours were announced. The home-based program remains in the RFP process. Most discussion was around data and reporting,  how schools will know what to collect, and OPI’s collection mechanism (Qualtrics).

April 10, 2024- Agenda 

  • Summary: Discussed an update on the RFP for the Home-based program.  The group had an in-depth discussion about data collection.  We had a question and answer session with questions from the field.




OPI Staff are here to help:

Jackie Ronning - Early Literacy Coordinator
Kimberly Evans - Early Literacy Research Analyst
Marie Judisch - Teaching and Learning Senior Manager
Aimee Konzen- Professional Learning Manager
Julie Murgel - Chief Operating Officer
Christy Mock-Stutz - Assistant Superintendent

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