Early Literacy Collaborative

Superintendent Arntzen is pleased to announce OPI’s Early Literacy Collaborative. Per HB 352, by Representative Barker, consisting of a variety of education stakeholders from across the state. This Collaborative will foster cooperation between government agencies, schools, families, educators, educator preparation programs, and communities. The focus of the OPI’s Collaborative will be to provide guidance for implementation of the school jumpstart programs, classroom interventions, and home-based literacy intervention programs for eligible students aged four years old and not yet in third grade. In addition, the Collaborative will provide data and feedback to the Board of Public Education’s Early Literacy Advisory Council. 

The Collaborative will meet online the second Wednesday of the month at 3:30 pm through June 2024

Agenda  |    Meeting link


Early Literacy Collaborative Members:

Jessie Mitchell
     Preschool Literacy Coach - Helena
Whitney Peters
     Kindergarten Teacher, Interventionist - Frenchtown
Katherine Nitcy
     Title One Teacher - Hot Springs School
Joellen Brennan
     Elementary Teacher, Early Literacy, and Parent-Focused Support - Pryor
Jessica Doherty
     Elementary Teacher - Butte
Katherine Dawe
     Former Principal, Current Principal - Laurel
Mona Shortman
     Early Childhood Endorsed, EL Expertise - Cut Bank
Amandy Cyr
     Superintendent - Clinton School District 
Caitlin Hall 
     MCLSDP Literacy Grant, 3-8th Grade Interventionist - Roberts
Allison Wilson
     Early Childhood Education at UM - Missoula
Jill Christensen
     Early Childhood Specialist, DPHHS
Wade Sundby
     Superintendent - Glasgow
Laurie Barron
     Superintendent - Evergreen, & BPE Early Literacy Council



OPI Staff are here to help:

Kimberly Evans - Early Literacy Research Analyst
Marie Judisch - Teaching and Learning Senior Manager
Julie Murgel - Chief Operating Officer
Christy Mock-Stutz - Assistant Superintendent

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