Business and Marketing Education


There are in excess of 165 Business and Marketing Education programs and 280 teachers in the public high schools of Montana.  These programs and teachers are dedicated to the preparation of students for a world-class workforce.  Through communication, professional development, and coordination of talent, a determined effort is under way to make Montana a great place for students to meet their career goals and for employers to be confident in the relevance of skills being taught and learned.

A showcase for Business and Marketing Education Programs are our Career and Technical Student Organizations.  These organizations are Business Professionals of America and DECA. CTSOs provide students with soft skills (leadership, character, and community service competencies), as well as competitive events that build on sound content and skill development.



Framework for Business Education in Montana (Updated Fall 2018)

Framework BPA and DECA Competitive Event Crosswalks for 2018-2019

Montana K-12 Course Codes and Descriptions, Business and Marketing Education Reference Manual (Updated Fall 2018)

TEAMS Participation Report Worksheet for Course Codes

Professional Development Opportunities



Business Education






In Accomplishing the Objectives, Business Education Seeks to:


  • Strengthen the basic skills—listening, speaking, and writing and computing, problem-solving, and computer-related
  • Strengthen each individual’s self-concept and desire to succeed
  • Formulate plans to ensure continued educational growth, whether it be formal or informal 
Objectives of Business Education:

  • Provide occupational competence which enables an individual to procure a job for which he or she is qualified and to formulate and implement a career development plan which is responsive to personal and technological changes
  • Develop positive interpersonal and leadership skills
  • Develop economic competence to enable the individual to be a productive citizen and wise consumer of resources, goods, and services