Social Emotional Learning

Building Foundations for Success


Developing social and emotional skills builds a foundation for everyone’s success. Social and emotional skills include understanding and managing oneself, relating to others, and making responsible choices. Social and emotional skills are associated with improved behavior, lower levels of emotional distress, enhanced wellbeing, improved academic outcomes, and more stable employment. Social and emotional skills can be taught, practiced, and strengthened in everyday interactions in schools, at home, in workplaces, and community organizations. Students, educators, families and community members use social emotional learning (SEL) every day.


Social Emotional Learning Skills

What comprises social emotional learning (SEL)? The image below displays examples of foundational social emotional learning skills that can be developed through school-based SEL. Explore the pages and resources on our website to learn more about social emotional skill development in the school-setting and the role caregivers, tribes and community organizations play in supporting foundations for success through SEL.          

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New Montana-based Resource: 

Shared Strategies to Support American Indian Students: The strategies featured in this document are those that have been selected as the most promising to support American Indian students. They are rooted in the advice and experience of Montana tribes, educators and students. The creation of this document was supported by the Office of Public Instruction's Tribal Relations and Resiliency Unit. For more information, contact Donnie Wetzel 

Implementing Social Emotional Learning In Montana Schools: Community of Practice

This community of practice will guide schools through the process of reviewing, adopting, and implementing social emotional learning (SEL). This series is for school leaders who are taking steps to explore SEL implementation and/or strengthen their current SEL program. Please view the flyer to learn more and to register



Social Emotional Learning In Montana Schools: 



More pages and information coming soon!

Through partnerships with local education agencies (LEA) and other stakeholders, the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is supporting effective school-based programs and strategies to develop social and emotional skills. These efforts are ongoing and additional information will be added to these pages over the next year.  

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