The OPI Digital Communications team uses video and photography to share education stories from across Montana, highlighting the innovative and exciting things happening in schools across the state. Here is an overview of our services.  

Take a look at the features on this page, and reach out to Rob or Steve if you have ideas for upcoming stories.   


Rob Hoffman, Production Manager & Instructional Systems Designer, 406-444-1641

Steve Meredith, Director of Photography & Cinematography, 406-444-3563 


Feature Videos

Memorial Day 2020

Helena, Montana

Innovation Nation

Whitefish, Montana

2020 Montana Teacher of the Year 

Baker, Montana


Montana DRIVE to Survive

Lewistown, Montana


A Measured Success

Darby, Montana



A Taste of Excellence

Helena, Montana


From High School to Hospital

Great Falls, Montana


2019 Montana Teacher of the Year

Bonner, Montana




Thank You Montana Teachers

Thank You School Nutrition Heroes

OPI Computer Surplus Program

Online Remote Learning Overview



Workforce Development 

(Legislative Perspectives)



IEFA Interview with Angela McLean

2019 Last Chance Powwow

IEFA Interview with Eric Feaver

IEFA Interview with Kirk Miller

IEFA Interview with Dylan Huisken

Workforce Development

Teach CTE Day

"To Learn A New Way" Episode 1


"To Learn A New Way" - Episode 2

Coming Soon