The Montana Association of School Superintendents


The Montana Association of School Superintendents (MASS) represents all of our the school superintendents across our state. It is made up 9 regions which work closely with OPI staff to serve students. MASS is an affiliate of the national organization, the American Association of School Administrators (AASA). MASS works towards the continuing improvement in educational procedures, techniques, administration, supervision, and public relations. MASS also strives to foster a spirit of professional growth, congenial friendship, and loyalty among members. The OPI MASS Liaisons below are happy to be of service to MASS. Please feel free to reach out if the OPI can be of assistance. 

MASS President: Superintendent Mike Perry (Hot Springs), 406-741-2962

Executive Director: Dr. Kirk Miller, 406-442-2510

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MASS Regions:


Western Region

OPI Contact: Colet Bartow, 406-444-3583

Regional President: Tom Stack (Clinton), 406-825-3113               


Northwest Region

OPI Contact: Kara Flath, 406-444-3249

Regional President: Matt Jensen (Big Fork), 406-837-7400

4-Rivers Region 

OPI Contact: Ashley McGrath, 406-444-3656

Regional President: Godfrey Saunders (Belgrade), 406-924-2026

Hi-Line Region 

OPI Contact: Kris Thatcher, 406-444-2580

Regional President: Darin Hannum (Chinook), 406-357-2236

Northeast Region 

OPI Contact: Tracy Moseman, 406-444-3000

Regional President: Dan Schmidt (Poplar), 406-768-6600

Southcentral Region

OPI Contact: Jason Butcher, 406-444-3449

Regional President: Alex Ator (Roberts), 406-445-2421

Central Region 

OPI Contact: Zach Hawkins, 406-444-0708

Regional President: Greg Dern (Roy), 406-464-2511

Southeast Region 

OPI Contact: Dylan Klapmeier, 406-444-3559

Regional President: Nate Olson (Jordan), 406-557-2259

Northcentral Region 

OPI Contact: Dick Trerise, 406-444-4429

Regional President: Matt Genger (Augusta), 406-562-3384


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