Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3)


The Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission (MIC3) was adopted by the Montana legislature through SB203 which resulted in 20-1-230 & 20-1-231 MCA.  MIC3's purpose is to remove barriers to educational success imposed on children of military families. Through the Interstate Compact key educational transition issues encountered by children of military families are addressed.

The National Military Interstate Children's Compact Commission has more information about each state's councils.

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Primary Contact: BG (R) Hal Stearns, Compact Commissioner, 406-461-4419

Secondary Contact: Jessica Flint, Communication Program Specialist - Office of Public Instruction, 406-438-3400



 Stars & Stripes Initiative 

close up of American flag

State law requires Flags in every school classroom but only if schools can afford them or have them donated. The goal of this initiative is to raise funds to purchase American Flags for Montana schools. 

Billings' Legion Post 117 and the OPI are partnering to help schools acquire flags to both honor veterans and create strong civics education programs in schools. 

If you want to donate to help purchase flags for Montana classrooms: 

  • You can donate money to Post 117's Paypal account
  • The flags are classroom sized at 16" x 24" and also have the staff and wall mount bracket for $10.
  • If the full price of the flag is donated, that flag can be sent to the school of the donor's choosing. 

If you have any questions, please contact Jessica Flint, Communication Program Specialist - Office of Public Instruction, 406-438-3400.


More MIC3 Information

Map of Military Connected Students

Military Connected Students Map Oct. 2018 

Military Connected Students in Montana

TOTAL - 1,348 students


MIC3 Membership Information


BG (R) Hal Stearns - - Compact Commissioner

State Superintendent Elsie Arntzen - - Office of Public Instruction

Executive Director Mark Beckman - - Montana High School Association

Captain Michelle Bogden - - Service Member & Family Support Branch Chief, National Guard

Representative Ed Buttrey - 

Lisa Sapp - - Child & Youth Education Services School Liaison, Malmstrom Air Force Base

Superintendent Tom Moore - - Great Falls Public Schools

Montana MIC3

Montana State Council Bylaws

DRAFT Budget

Report to the State Administration and Veterans' Affairs Interim Committee - May 2018

Report to the Education Interim Committee - September 2018

National MIC3 2019 Annual Report


Seasons of My Military Student

MIC3 Meeting Information

Meetings and Materials:

April 14, 2020 - Helena, MT
July 14, 2020 - Zoom Meeting
November 10, 2020 - Helena, MT





2019 Meetings & Materials

May 28, 2019 - Great Falls, MT
Agenda     Minutes
December 3, 2019 - Phone Conference 
Agenda     Minutes

2018 Meetings & Materials

May 16, 2018 - Helena, MT
August 10, 2018 - Great Falls, MT
Agenda     Minutes
October 23, 2018 - Phone Conference
Agenda     Minutes

Purple Star Schools

The Montana Office of Public Instruction and the Montana Military Interstate Children’s Compact ComPurple Star Montana Logo_Banner (005)mission is accepting Purple Star School Designation applications for Round 1 from August 1, 2020 to October 31, 2020. Award recipients will be announced on November 30, 2020.

The Purple Star School Designation for military-friendly schools recognizes the schools that show a major commitment to students and families connected to our nation’s military. Schools that earn the award will receive a special Purple Star recognition to display onsite in honor of students of Military families. This designation is for three years.

Purple Star Designation Rules

Purple Star Designation Application