Homebound Students:

  A.R.M. 10.15.101(35) " Homebound students" means those students who are receiving instructional services who were in the education program and due to medical reasons, certified by a medical doctor, are unable to be present for pupil-instruction. A.R.M. 10.20.102(8)

Homebound students, as defined in ARM 10.15.101, and students who are confined to a treatment, medical, or custodial facility may be counted as enrolled for ANB purposes if the student:
(a) is enrolled as defined in ARM 10.15.101 and is currently receiving organized and supervised pupil instruction as defined in 20-1-101, MCA;
(b) is in a home or facility which does not offer a regular educational program; and
(c) has instructional costs during the absences which are financed by the school district general fund.  



Early Graduates:

 Students that graduated from high school early, after completing their 7th semester. Reporting early graduates is only required if the district is applying for increased ANB pursuant to 20-9-313(6), MCA and A.R.M. 10.20.102(10).
Early graduates are mid-year graduates who meet the following criteria:
1. The student was enrolled as of the first Monday of October of the CURRENT school year as a senior in high school, but WAS NOT enrolled on February 1 of the CURRENT school year.
2. The student completed graduation requirements after the first semester of the CURRENT school year.
3. The student completed graduation requirements after a total of SEVEN semesters.
NOTE: Students who complete graduation requirements in LESS than seven semesters, or MORE than seven semesters, do not qualify for increased ANB and cannot be included in your count of early graduates. See A.R.M. 10.20.102
4. The student had not reached the age of 19 on or before September 10 of the CURRENT school year.
5. The student has NOT been counted in the regular 11th or 12th grade enrollment as of February 1 of the CURRENT school year.