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There are some excellent resources on the ACT Accommodations site. Visit the site for information about accommodations and English learner supports. For specific questions about either accommodations or supports, call 800.553.6244 ext. 1788 or email

The online Test Accessibility and Accommodations System (TAA) is used for the ACT test accommodations and English learner (EL) supports management. Requests are submitted and monitored with this system. 

NEW In fall 2017, ACT introduced supports on the ACT test for US students who are English learners (EL). Qualifying EL students will earn college-reportable ACT scores. The supports are designated to help EL students accurately demonstrate what they have learned in school. Like accommodations, these supports will need to be managed through the Test Accessibility & Accommodations System (TAA). Students may qualify for the following EL supports: additional time on the test, use of an approved word-to-word bilingual dictionary, use of written translated test directions, and/or testing in a non-distracting environment and small group.

NEW In fall 2017, ACT announced an important change to the extended time testing policy for examinees testing under Timing Code 6 (time-and-a-half). All examinees testing with the Timing Code 6 accommodation have 5 hours, self-paced, to complete the four mulitple-choice tests. A hard stop is announced at 5 hours for any examinees still working on the multiple-choice tests. Examinees taking the ACT with Writing then get 1 hour to complete their writing test. 

This change ensures a fair and standardized testing experience for all examinees. It is important that we make sure examinees testing wtih the Timing Code 6 accommodation receive the same amount of time to complete the four multiple-choice tests, regardless of test option.


User Guides & Manuals

Test Accessibility and Accommodations (TAA) User Guide - This user guide includes instructions for how to access and navigate the TAA system.

Test Coordinator/School Official FAQs for the ACT Test Accommodations - This document answers commonly asked questions by test coordinators and school officials about requesting accommodations through TAA.

English Learner Supports Guide - This guide contains information outlining available supports and how to make a request for EL supports.

Quick Start Guide for Requesting Accommodations/Supports - This is a quick reference covering requests for accommodations for examinees with disabilities and supports for English leraners.




Tutorials & Training

Guiding Principles for ACT-Approved Accommodations - A video overview of the principles for guiding the use of accommodations on the ACT with Writing.

Requesting Test Coordinator Access - A short video explaining the steps to follow to enable access to the TAA.

Creating a TAA Account and Accessing TAA - Learn how to obtain and use your TAA account. 

*See more videos like these.on the ACT website for Accommodations.