Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) 10.55.601

To ensure continuous education improvement, the Montana Board of Public Education established the requirement for a continuous school improvement plan.  The school district and each of its schools shall develop, implement, and evaluate continuous school improvement plans and make the plans available to the public. These plans shall be reviewed on a yearly basis to reflect a continuous improvement process.

Each plan shall include:

  • a school district level educational profile;
  • the school district’s educational goals;
  • a description of strategies for assessing student progress toward meeting all content standards; and
  • a professional development component.


The yearly CSIP template is composed of two sections:

  • The Annual Progress Report is a review of the previous year plan results and evaluation of the plan’s effectiveness.
  • The Yearly Action Plan is a plan for the current school year that includes goals, measureable objectives, instructional strategies, professional development and student assessment.