The Montana Council of Deans of Education (MCDE) fosters communication and collaboration among leaders of educator preparation programs (EPPs) and state partners for the purpose of continuously strengthening P20 education in Montana. Through collaboration across EPP institutions, MCDE develops a shared vision, goals, and model processes and programs, while recognizing and honoring the unique contribution and strengths of each EPP.  Each EPP draws from its location and history to support candidates who differ culturally and contextually.  Members provide one another support and feedback regarding educator preparation and EPP accreditation in Montana.  When appropriate, MCDE seeks to inform public policy and accreditation standards related to P20 education in Montana and the nation.  MCDE is comprised by 10 institutions including 5 public universities, 3 private colleges, and 2 Tribal Colleges.

MCDE Members

MCDE Group Photo


Ed Prep Programs

MCDE Members


Stevie Schmitz

Stevie Schmitz, Co-Chair

Rocky Mountain College



Adrea Lawrence

Adrea Lawrence, Co-Chair

University of Montana



Alison Harmon

Alison Harmon Co-Chair

Montana State University




Amy Burland

Amy Burland

Salish Kootenai College



Kadene Drummer

Kadene Drummer

Stone Child College



LAURA STRAUSS cropped637320686986912007

Laura Straus

University of Montana-Western


Robert Stansberry

Robert Stansberry

Carroll College



sc2 (2)

Shawn Clark

University of Providence


Darlense Sellers

Darlene Sellers




Robert Nava

Robert Nava

Montana State University - Billings


MCDE Summer Meeting (July 31st, 2020)



MCDE Spring Meeting (May 19th-21st, 20200)



MCDE Winter Meeting (January 23rd & 24th, 2020)

Carroll College

Helena, MT


MCDE and CSPAC Joint Meeting (Oct 3rd & 4th, 2019)

Montana State Capitol Building 

Helena, MT

Praxis Working Committee (PWC)


The Praxis Working Committee's purpose is to maintain, update, and evaluate formal processes that ensure uniform and timely review of Praxis Subject Assessments, update scores on a regular basis, and communicate and collaborate with MCDE and OPI regarding current updates and issues concerning the ETS Praxis Subject Assessments and the Montana Assessment of Content Knowledge, as charged by the Montana Council of Deans of Education.  

Committee Members

Last Name First Name College Email
Ruhman Doug Salish Kootenai College
McCrea Katie Univeristy of Montana Western
Sellers Darlene Montana State University Northern
Schmitz Stevie Rocky Mountain College
Steinberg Kristine Univeristy of Montana
Madero Rosemary Montana State University
Burns Jennifer Montana State University Billings
Melick John Montana State University
Drummer Kadene Stone Child College
Joe Helbling Carroll College
Lee Karen University of Providence

PWC Meetings

July 2020
June 2020
May 2020
April 2020
March 2020

January 2020

December 2019
November 2019

General Committee Resources

Continuous Improvement Collaborative (CIC)


Since 2015, the Montana Education Preparation Providers (MEPP) have been working together in a Continuous Improvement Collaborative (CIC) to develop a statewide protocol for a 3 year cycle of data collection designed to support MEPP continuous program improvement and meet Montana’s ARM 10.58.314 and CAEP Standard 4 through analyses of employer satisfaction and completer impact, performance, and perception of program relevance.
To this end, the MEPP CIC has developed:

1. The MEPP Statewide Protocol for Continuous Improvement including: 

MEPP Employer Survey

MEPP Completer Survey

MEPP Completer Case Study Template
2. The MEPP-OPI Data Sharing MOA
3. Approaches to data aggregation and analyses to support MEPPs’ continuous improvement efforts

Committee Members 

Last Name First Name College or Acronym
Burland  Amy Salish Kootenai College
Nava Robert  Montana State Unversity Billings
Schmitz Stevie Rocky Mountain College
Atkins Trent University of Montana
Aikens Estee University of Montana Western
Sellers Darlene Montana State Unversity Northern
Downey Jayne Montana State University 
Lott Leslie University of Providence
Drummer Kadene Stone Child College
Stansberry Robert  Carroll College

Employer Satisfaction Survey Timeline

Protocol Agreement

For Montana EMPLOYER Satisfaction Surveys



Aug 21, 2017

MSU applies for IRB exemption

Oct 5, 2017

Create templates for invitation and reminders to participate in the MT EPP Employer Satisfaction Survey*

Oct 5, 2017

Identify 3 years of Employers to survey: 2014-15; 2015-16; 2016-17

Jan 31, 2018

EPP sends list of Completers to OPI

April 2, 2018

OPI returns Employer email addresses to EPPs

June 15, 2018

EPPs and OPI develop a data-sharing agreement

Aug 1, 2018

MSU creates a Qualtrics survey link for EPPs as needed

Aug 9, 2018

EPPs send their Employer survey pre-notification*

Aug 14, 2018

EPPs send the survey to their Employer*

Aug 21, 2018

EPPs send a survey reminder to their Employer*

Aug 28, 2018

EPPs send a second survey reminder to their Employer*

Sept 4, 2018

Employer survey closes

Spring 2019

OPI agrees to analyze descriptive data psychometric data; conduct factor analysis; survey validation; aggregate statistics for all programs

Advanced Programs Working Group