Transformational Learning is defined as a flexible system of pupil-centered learning that is designed to meet the Montana Constitutional mandate of  "fully develop[ing] the educational potential of each person."





Submission for FY 2022 begins on this page at 8am MST the first Monday in December (December 7th) and closes the 2nd Monday in January at 5pm MST.


If you do not see the submission area at 8am on Dec 7, refresh the site. If you're still having issues with submission, email your application to




  • Submission will open at the bottom of this page beginning at 8am MST on December 7.
  • There will be separate areas for New Applications & Annual Reports and Priority List Unfunded Districts as shown in the picture. 
  • If you are on this page prior to 8am, you will need to refresh your page in order to see the submission area. 



snapshot of application area


Technical Support & Questions

Email: Krystal Smith


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