Scrabble letters spelling out Learn graphicHouse Bill 351 was signed into law on May 9, 2019, amending section MCA 20-9-116 to revise education laws to support transformational learning.

Transformational Learning is defined as a flexible system of pupil-centered learning that is designed to meet the Montana Constitutional mandate of  "fully develop[ing] the educational potential of each person."

The bill establishes a flexible system that includes:

  • customized learning to address each pupil's strengths, needs and interests;
  • continued focus on each pupil's proficiency over content; and
  • actively engaging each pupil in determining what, how, when and where learning occurs.

Upcoming Transformational Learning Workshops

The OPI will be providing workshops at the end of July and through August in Helena, Missoula, Hot Springs, Great Falls, Manhatten, Laurel, and Glendive. Find out more about Transformational Learning Workshops.

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