Proposed Administrative Rules posted for final 30 day comment period

Student Support Services provides comprehensive supports to families, schools and others to improve educational outcomes for all students. Using a result-based approach, the division meets its general supervision requirements through programs that support quality instruction, provide continuing education for parents and professionals, ensure fiscal accountability, and support compliance with all state and federal requirements.

A brief description of our programs can be found here. Additional information can be found through the links below.

Contact us at:

General Office Information : Melissa Niemi, 444-0037

     Meetings and Events: Kelley Brown,   444-5661

      Contracts and Payments: Marlene Wallis, 444-2504

School Improvement Supports

Unit Manager                                                                     Dale Kimmet, 444-0742

Post-Secondary Transition, IDEA Compliance            Marla Swanby, 444-0044

Teacher Induction, IDEA Compliance                           Ruth Miller, 444-1579

School Improvement Specialist                                    Don Williamson, 444-1579

School Improvement Specialist                                    Yvonne Field, 444-4940

School Improvement Specialist                                     Chris McCrea, 444-7432


Early Assistance Program and Dispute Resolution  Mandi Gibbs, 444-5664

Continuing Education and Technical Assistance

Unit Manager                                                                       Jenifer Cline, 444-4426

Montana Autism Education Program                            Doug Doty, 459-5303

Early Childhood Education                                               Danni McCarthy, 444-0452

Continuing Education, Stipend Programs                     Annette Young, 444-0299

School Mental Health Specialist                                      VACANT                                         

Data Systems and Reporting

IDEA Part B Data Manager                                                Anne Rainey, 444-4430

AIM Special Education Data System                               Mary Graff, 444-0685


State Special Education Director                                     Frank Podobnik, 444-4428

Assistant Director, Fiscal Management                          Dick Trerise, 444-4429