Contact us at:

General Office Information : Melissa Niemi, 444-0037

     Meetings and Events: Kelley Brown,   444-5661

      Contracts and Payments: Marlene Wallis, 444-2504

School Improvement Supports

Unit Manager                                                            Dale Kimmet, 444-0742

Post-Secondary Transition, IDEA Compliance         Marla Swanby, 444-0044

School Improvement Specialist                                Don Williamson, 444-1579

School Improvement Specialist                                Yvonne Field, 444-4940

School Improvement Specialist                                Chris McCrea, 444-7432


Early Assistance Program and Dispute Resolution      Mandi Gibbs, 444-5664

Continuing Education and Technical Assistance

Unit Manager                                                                       Jenifer Cline, 444-4426

Montana Autism Education Program                                   Doug Doty, 459-5303

Early Childhood Education                                                  Danni McCarthy, 444-0452

Continuing Education, Stipend Programs                            Annette Young, 444-0299

School Support Specialist                                                    Allyson Alexander, 444-0688

Special Education Content Specialist                                  Jennifer Nettleton, 444-5848


Data Systems and Reporting

IDEA Part B Data Manager                                                 Anne Rainey, 444-4430

AIM Special Education Data System                                   Mary Graff, 444-0685



State Special Education Director                                         Frank Podobnik, 444-4428

Assistant Director, Fiscal Management                               Dick Trerise, 444-4429