Standards Revision Information

The research and review phase for Cycle I has already started with the development of Teacher Learning Hub courses, planning for online focus groups, and examination of the existing standards with other national, regional, and state standards. 

The research and review phase is expected to continue through April 2019. This is a less formal part of the standards revision process that includes a variety of activities. Look for opportunities to participate in the research and review phase via announcements in the 3 Big Ideas newsletter and the OPI Professional Learning Opportunities Portal.  

Watch this four-minute video for an overview of the process.

  • Cycle I:  August 2017 - July 2021
  • Content Standards:  Social Studies, Career and Technical Education, Digital Literacy/Computer Science/Technology/Library Media
  • Research and Review:  August 2017 - April 2019
  • Revision:  May - October 2019
  • Negotiated Rulemaking: November 2019 - March 2020
  • Adoption: September 2020
  • Begin Implementation:  July 1, 2021

Please contact Colet Bartow (406-444-3583), Director of Content Standards and Instruction, with any questions about the content standards revision process.  

This schedule may change based on resource availability or other factors.

The Content Standards & Instruction Team


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