Making Montana Proud Poster Series

New American Indian poster series. The posters showcase young Montana American Indians and tell their success stories. Each individual featured was nominated by members from their respective tribe.

Posters of these 14 individuals will be sent to every Montana middle and high school.

Poster Set 1

Poster Set 2

Echo Marie Brown

Richard Dionne

Mariah Gladstone

Vernon Grant

Marita GrowingThunder

Levi Horn

Jordann Lankford

Jeremy MacDonald

LeAnn Montes

Shane Morigeau

Kasey Nicholson

Jennifer Show

Adam Sings In The Timber

Cinnamon Spear



“Montana’s rich heritage is being incorporated into classroom learning,”  “I hope to see these posters of successful Montana American Indians inspiring students across our state. ALL Montana students should be proud of their heritage and inspired to succeed!”   Superintendent Eslie Arntzen


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