In accordance with The Carl D. Perkins Career and Technical Education Act of 2006 Federal Grant, all Montana high schools who receive Perkins funds are required to meet at least 90 percent of a state adjusted level of performance for any of the core indicators of performance as described in Sec. 113(b) (3) of Perkins IV.

The state goals for each core indicator are determined by the United States Department of Education.

The SY2018 Federal Reporting Requirements are as follows:

  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 1S1 – Reading
    • State Goal – 57.50%
    • Threshold Target – 51.75%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 1S2 – Math
    • State Goal – 35.50%
    • Threshold Target – 31.95%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 2S1 – Technical Skill Attainment
    • State Goal – 89.50%
    • Threshold Target – 80.55%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 3S1 – School Completion
    • State Goal – 95.50%
    • Threshold Target – 85.95%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 4S1 – Student Graduation Rates
    • State Goal – 91.00%
    • Threshold Target – 81.90%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 5S1 – Placement
    • State Goal – 90.50%
    • Threshold Target – 81.45%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 6S1 – Non Trad Participation
    • State Goal – 23.00%
    • Threshold Target – 20.70%
  • Perkins IV Core Indicator 6S2 – Non Trad Completion
    • State Goal – 15.50%
    • Threshold Target – 13.95%

If a school's score falls below the State minimum (Threshold Target) for three consecutive years, the Carl D. Perkins Federal Grant requires the school to develop an improvement plan to address how the school plans to increase their scores in the core indicator they missed. A Small Schools Exemption – ten (10) CTE Concentrators or less – unfortunately, cannot apply to Perkins Performance Indicators. All schools receiving Perkins, regardless of their CTE Concentrator total, are required to develop an improvement plan.

In order for schools to know exactly how they measure up, Christy Hendricks, CTE/Perkins Data Control Specialist, has created 'Report Cards' for each school by LEA. She has also created 'Report Cards' by Class Size as well as 'Report Cards' by CIP, Classification of Instructional Programs.

If your school is not listed in the ‘Individual School 3-year report card’, it is because the school has less than 10 CTE Concentrators in all 3 years.