2018 David Strong Professional Leadership Award recipient Don Michalsky

Congratulations to Don Michalsky on winning the David Stong Professional Leadership Award at the Montana ACTE 2018 Fall Institute!  Since 2000, Don has served as the Industrial Trades & Technology Specialist for The Office of Public Instruction in Montana.  He has worked in many capacities with all Industrial Arts, Technology Education and Industrial Technology programs across the state.  He has also served as the Montana Skills USA State Director for several years, and most recently served as the Skills USA State Advisor.  Don has been a true advocate at both the state and national levels for the trades and industry programs throughout his career.  Don has been a true professional and has done his best to help teachers and students throughout the great state of Montana.

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Industrial Trades & Technology Education




Industrial Trades and Technology Education programs provide a comprehensive and technological learning experience to prepare students to become productive citizens in an ever-changing society.


The mission of Industrial Trades and Technology Education is to prepare students for successful careers by building a solid foundation of the required knowledge and skills that lead to careers in industrial, trades and technology.


Industrial Trades and Technology Education is a study of technology and industry, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to Industrial Trades and Technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities. The strength of Industrial Trades and Technology Education is that of a hands-on approach that adds an emphasis of the technological nature of life and industry.Nationally, the majority of industrial trade area employers report a huge shortage of skilled workers, with the prospects of filling thousands of current or new, well-paying jobs becoming a major crisis as new technologies emerge and current employees reach retirement age.




Programs should establish sequential course offerings. 

Grades 5-8: Exploring industrial, trades and technology (or similar title) courses with high-interest units that introduce students to industry and technology and heighten their interest in this field of study.

Grades 9-12: A sequence of relevant courses, organized around the clusters and pathways served, with emphasis on pursuing post-secondary degrees, training, apprenticeships, or industry certification. Instructors must carry proper secondary certification with an endorsement appropriate to the subject area to teach Industrial Trades and Technology education coursework, as determined by the board of public education.


It is strongly suggested that Industrial Trades and Technology Education Instructors maintain current membership in state and national professional organizations appropriate to the instructional fields in which they teach such as:

Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE)
International Technology and Engineering Education Association (ITEEA)
Montana Association of Career and Technical Education (Montana ACTE)

Professional Development Opportunities