The Department of Education's Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has been issuing complaints to schools across Montana, claiming their websites are not accessible to those with disabilities as required by law. Generally, the complaint alleges that the school website does not provide the ability for those with disabilities to view, understand, navigate, and interact with the website, denying equal access to the school's programs and services. 

The OPI responded to a similar OCR complaint about its website accessibility in 2016, signing a resolution agreement in September 2016. Here you can find the OPI's response, resources created by the OPI, and other helpful guidance.

Please note that the resources are not intended to provide legal guidance on your school's complaint from the OCR. They are provided as a reference in providing a response to the OCR and addressing webpage and document accessibility.

Have specific questions related to web accessibility?

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OPI’s Website Accessibility Team:

Kyle Moen, Chief Legal Counsel, 406-444-4399
Tom Antonick, Title IX/EEO, ADA Coordinator, 406-444-3161
Frank Podobnik, Special Ed Division Administrator, 406-444-4428
Michael Sweeney, IT Bureau Chief, 406-444-4411
Tara Steinke, IT Project Manager, 406-444-4607