Welcome to Summer 2023! 

Applications are open in MAPS. Applications are due by May 5th, 2023. Reminder that yearly sponsor training must be completed prior to submitting the application in MAPS. To access the required training, visit https://mtsfsptraining.com/ and use the course catalog access code mt-406 to register for trainings. There is MT-179 refresher training for returning sponsors/staff or the MT-178 comprehensive training for new sponsors or staff, and also a MT-150 Civil Rights Training course for all SFSP staff. 

To increase access to healthy meals over the summer, SFSP program operators in rural areas have a new non-congregate meal service option currently available for summer 2023 only. This new non-congregate meal service option allows for determined rural sites to provide meal pick up such as grab and go meals, curbside service, take-home backpack meals, or even home delivery of meals. Non-congregate meal service is not intended to replace congregate meal service and cannot be provided along with congregate meal service. This new rural non-congregate meal service option is intended to increase access to healthy meals to children who are widely disbursed and not being served by congregate meal service.  

Sponsors planning to provide non-congregate (grab and go) meals will need State agency approval. Please complete this Rural Non-Congregate Form to report on your non-congregate meal service plan.  


Summer 2023 Resources and Guidance: 


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