Homebound Students:

  A.R.M. 10.15.101(35) " Homebound students" means those students who are receiving instructional services who were in the education program and due to medical reasons, certified by a medical doctor, are unable to be present for pupil-instruction. A.R.M. 10.20.102(8)


Homebound students, as defined in ARM 10.15.101, and students who are confined to a treatment, medical, or custodial facility may be counted as enrolled for ANB purposes if the student:
(a) is enrolled as defined in ARM 10.15.101 and is currently receiving organized and supervised pupil instruction as defined in 20-1-101, MCA;
(b) is in a home or facility which does not offer a regular educational program; and
(c) has instructional costs during the absences which are financed by the school district general fund.