These webinars are tailored to help districts navigate the AIM user guides and various data collections which occur throughout the year. 
NOTE: Webinar dates may be subject to change. Please be aware that these webinars are recorded to allow them to be viewed at a later time.

AIM Webinar Schedule

2021-2022 School Year


We have completed the webinar schedule for the 2021-22 school year, please watch this space for information on upcoming 2022-23 webinars.  As a reminder, all of the webinars are recorded and posted at the link on the right.  




AIM Recorded Webinars

AIM 2021-22 Recorded Webinars

AIM 2021-22 Recorded Webinars


AIM EOY CTE Collection
(Recorded 5/5/2022)

AIM Behavior Validation and Certification
(Recorded 04/28/2022)

AIM EOY Attendance Totals, Program Participation, Extracurricular Activities and MOI
(Recorded 04/21/2022)

AIM Test Window Enrollment and Program Participation
(Recorded 04/2/2022)

AIM Student Demographics Import & Student Enrollment Import Processes
(Recorded 11/24/2021)

AIM Winter Assessment Registration
(Recorded 11/18/2021)

AIM Mode of Instruction
(Recorded 11/4/2021)


AIM Fall CTE Collection
(Recorded 10/29/2021)

AIM Fall Enrollment Count, Program Participation, Enrollment Exceptions, and Extracurricular Activities
(Recorded 9/30/2021)

AIM Previous Year Graduates, Cohorts, & Dropouts User Setup for Validation and Certification
(Recorded 9/9/2021)

AIM Head Start Beginning of Year Webinar
(Recorded 8/30/2021)


AIM Fall Assessment Registration w/State Assessment Test Settings
(Recorded 8/26/2021)

AIM Student Photo Repository
(Recorded 8/24/2021)


AIM Beginning of Year Verification Process w/Enrollment Exceptions and Extracurricular Activities
(Recorded 8/20/2021)
AIM Creating and Modifying Users and Data Security
(Recorded 8/12/2021)

AIM New User Guide Part 2
(Recorded 8/5/2021)

AIM New User Guide Part 1
(Recorded 8/4/2021)

AIM State Assessment Test Settings and Assessment Spreadsheet
(Recorded 6/15/2021)
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