Variances to Standards Review Board (VSRB) Meeting Date:  April 16, 2020

Zoom Meeting











Initial Applications

Bigfork Public Schools- Bigfork Elementary & Bigfork 7-8

Hardin Public Schools- Hardin High School

Polson Public Schools - Polson Middle School


Renewal Applications

Bonner Elementary- Bonner School & Bonner 7-8 (10.55.1801)

Columbia Falls Public Schools - Columbia Falls High School

Libby K-12 Schools- Libby Middle School & Libby High School

Whitehall Public Schools- Whitehall Elementary, Whitehall 7-8, & Whitehall High School

St. Ignatius K-12 Schools- St. Ignatius Middle School (10.55.1801)











Initial Charter Applications

Bozeman Public Schools- Online Charter School                                                              


Renewal Charter Applications

Bozeman Public Schools- Bozeman High & Gallatin High - Bridger Charter Academy

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