Montana Board of Public Education Approved
Educator Preparation Programs (EPP)



The Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM) Title 10, Chapter 58 Professional Educator Preparation Program Standards (PEPPS) directs the accreditation of educator preparation programs (EPP) in Montana. There are ten post-secondary campuses offering EPPs in Montana, and each is approved by the Montana state board of public education to provide EPPs leading to licensure for teachers and administrators. Each EPP offers its own combination of programs.


Instructions for using the Approved EPP documents: 

Select the College or University.  Current programs will have a "YES" in the 5th column, titled, "YES if still approved or Date Discontinued", and will also list the Month and Year of the most recent site review in the last column. Historical, or discontinued programs will have the final year of approval in the 5th column, and may or may not have information in the final column. For programs with a current minor and a discontinued major (or vice versa), the discontinued program will be listed with a date in the 5th column, indicating the final year it was approved. The date in the last column will reflect the most recent site review for the current program. Site reviews occur on a rotating schedule and each campus is reviewed every seven years. Provisional approval may be awarded by the Montana Board of Public Education on recommendation of the Educator Preparation Division Administrator of the Office of Public Instruction for programs instituted between site reviews. 


Montana Ed Prep Programs



Montana Educator Preparation Programs

*Specific program questions should be directed to the licensure official listed on the bottom each Approved EPP Infographic below. 





Carroll College

Helena, MT








Montana State University

Bozeman, MT








Montana State University Billings

Billings, MT








Montana State University Northern

Havre, MT








Rocky Mountain College

Billings, MT








Salish Kootenai College

Pablo, MT








Stone Child College

Box Elder, MT








University of Montana

Missoula, MT








University of Montana Western

Dillon, MT








University of Providence

Great Falls, MT