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Resilience in Something Else (RISE)

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RISE is a group created from the COVID-19 pandemic due to students' need for support and connection in our socially distanced time. This group has fostered relationships across the state of Montana and continues to thrive due to the invaluable opportunities for leadership development and relationship building. One of the main focuses of RISE is connection with personal culture as well as heritage, the students uphold these values each meeting.


RISE has created opportunities for youth like:

  • Committees of Action with RISE
  • A permanent position on the MACIE board.
  • Youth Panel inclusion at conferences
  • The opportunity to introduce inductees of the Montana Indian Athletic Hall of Fame.



"We are our own solution"

Youth Voice matters.

Youth and Family Driven.


Youth Advisory Councils

Ft. Peck 

  • Nakona Dakota Oyate Council and Student Councils (6 schools represented, Culbertson to Nashua)

​​Ft. Belknap

  • Harlem Schools Student Council
  • Hays Lodge Pole Schools Student Council & Youth Leadership Council

Chippewa Cree Tribe

  • LiFT (Live for Tomorrow), Rocky Boy and Box Elder Schools


  • Heart Butte Student Council