Sessions are available at various conferences around the state, and also by request. Email Stephanie Swigart for info! 

  • How Writing and Reading Intersect (Grades K-2 and 3-6) Participants will take a deep dive into the Montana Content Standards for Writing and learn about the developmental stages of children’s writing.  There will be hands-on activities and formative assessment strategies specific to teaching writing and reading collaboratively in the primary (k-2) or intermediate (3-6) classroom.  Available as a full-day or half-day workshop.  (Full day workshop will provide more in-depth formative assessment information)


  • Enhancing Writing Instruction in Your Classroom: Participants understand the developmental stages of writing and determine ways to assess students and have them assess themselves in writing, identify a variety of formative assessments, and learn strategies to take right back to the classroom.  Educators will have the time work in small groups to create rubrics and expectations for their own instruction.  Available as a full-day workshop, it is also meant to have a follow up session where teachers share student work and analyze the effectiveness of their rubric. (all grades)


  • WELL- Writing Education for Learners and Leaders is a full-day workshop that builds collaboration between teachers to they can be advocates and leaders in their own classrooms, schools, and communities.  With a focus on understanding the demands of writing instruction, these leaders are prepared to create a leadership plan to implement in their schools. (all grades)


  • C3WP – From the National Writing Project comes the College, Career, and Community Writers Program. This is a 2-day workshop, provided by consultants from the National Writing Project. It provides scaffolded teaching and formative assessment resources that support the development of students’ argument writing. (high-school)