Montana DRIVE Teen Week - July 18, 19, and 20, 2024

Registration for Teen Week opens March 1st. 

Help us spread the word about the Teen Workshops.
Download a Montana DRIVE Teen Week poster to post at your school or youth program.


Teen drivers with at least one year of driving experience (including the six months of required GDL practice driving) will get the most out of this workshop. Teens must be at least 15 years old with a valid driver license to attend the Teen Workshop. This advanced driver education workshop is not a replacement for novice driver education, but gives the young driver the opportunity to safely practice risky driving conditions on a closed, specially designed track. Young adults up to age 19 are welcome to attend and apply for the scholarship. 

SECOND-TIMERS? Young drivers who have already taken a Montana DRIVE Teen Workshop and wish to take it again are asked to wait until June 1 to register, so first-time applicants have a chance to attend the teen workshop.


TO REGISTER FOR A ONE-DAY TEEN WORKSHOP: Choose one of the three days for the Teen Workshop (see dates below for availability). The parent/guardian should complete the billing part of the form. Everyone who applies will receive the State Farm Grant. After submitting the form, you will receive an email with your registration details. If there is a problem with the registration, we will email you.  If there are no issues, we will email an invoice to you for the remainder, due within 30 days. Upon full payment, a workshop confirmation will be emailed to you. Teen workshops are $350 and the State Farm grant will reduce the out-of-pocket cost to $200. 


Teen Workshops cost $350 but are reduced by a State Farm grant to $200 out-of-pocket. Payment is due within 30 days from the invoice date. Invoices dated after June 1 are due upon receipt. Checks should be made out to OPI-Montana DRIVE.  If you wish to pay by credit card, please check that box on the application form.  A link to the credit card transaction site will be emailed to you and a $1.00 fee will be charged.  


Only fully paid workshops are confirmed. We reserve the right to release the workshop to another applicant if the invoice is overdue.


Please help us eliminate “no shows.” We train only 12 drivers per workshop day and want to keep them filled.

Notify our office by email at as soon as possible if you need to cancel or send a substitute. 

  • 90% refund with 20 or more days advance notice
  • 50% refund with 10 to 19 days advance notice 
  • No refund with less than 10 days notice
  • Substitutes may be granted if given at least 24 hours advance notice
  • No contact/No show will result in no refund, no credit, and no rescheduling

NO-SHOWS will NOT be refunded. If you pay by check and request a refund, we will need a W9 form so the OPI can create a vendor account for you. If you pay by credit card, we will issue a credit card refund.


  • Teen drivers benefit from Montana DRIVE advanced driver education because they can learn how to respond safely to typical driving risks.
  • They can gain valuable driving experience and learn how to avoid a crash, for instance, how to stay in their lane when a wheel drops off the edge of the road.
  • They will learn how vision and targeting can prevent or quickly manage a skid.
  • Professional traffic education instructors with years of experience working with teens provide hours of behind-the-wheel, one-on-one instruction, confidence-building exercises, and positive encouragement.

Please read the IMPORTANT information provided above by opening each tab.  

Teen Workshop Calendar and Openings - Updated 01/05/2024

  • THURSDAY, JULY 18 - 12 openings

  • FRIDAY, JULY 19 - 12 openings

  • SATURDAY, JULY 20 - 12 openings

  • SUNDAY, JULY 21 - 12 openings

Come back to register in March!


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We thank State Farm Insurance
for their continued support
of teen drivers through the
Good Neighbor Citizenship
grant program.



  • Montana DRIVE TEEN Workshop Online Registration Form

  • Phone Number


  • Workshop registrations are NOT confirmed until your invoice is paid in full. Invoices are due within 30 days from invoice date. Click the SUBMIT button to complete this registration. THANK YOU!

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