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Tech Directors: To access a machine readable version of the official Montana Arts Content Standards, please visit the IMS Global CASE Network site.  Create a free login, select Montana Office of Public Instruction, and view or download the standards.  The CASE version of the standards can be uploaded to student information systems, curriculum mapping programs, and a variety of other uses. Learn more about the CASE Network CASE Network FAQ

Montana Arts Education Association - MAEA brings you content specific professional development; events like MAI; advocacy through events such as the state Youth Art Month exhibition; and so much more. 

National Core Arts Standards - Montana's standards are closely aligned with the National Core Arts Standards.  Visit this site to access instructional resources.

Montana Arts Council - learn more about a variety of professional development opportunities, resources, and people who work to support arts education in Montana.




  • Now: 8th Annual CineSpace Short Film Competition: NASA and the Houston Cinema Arts Society (HCAS) have opened submissions on March 1, 2022  Deadline for submissions closes July 15, 2022.  
  • Now: The annual Youth Art Month exhibit is now on display at the Montana State Capitol building. We had sixty artworks from talented young artists from all across our state. We also had twenty-three participating art specialists and teachers. Thank you to all the students and teachers who submitted work and an extra thank you to the Helena High student volunteers who helped install the exhibit! If you can’t make it to Helena to see the show, I created a slide show on the Youth Art Month webpage.
  • Now:  MAEA Spring Retreat survey for date selection at The Bray, Helena - April 21st-23rd
  • Until April 30, 2022: Urbanite Arts & Film Festival, a nonprofit, four-part arts and film festival for all young adults aged 14-20. Our mission is to foster the next generation of underrepresented filmmakers and artists in the film industry. Through their art exhibition, we create a platform for a diverse range of young artists to express themselves creatively and launch creative careers. We are currently accepting submissions for our first festival in June 2022.

The festival will highlight four art forms:

  • Photography
  • Spoken Word
  • Short Screenplay Writing
  • Short Film

Entries can be submitted through FilmFreeWay at until April 30, 2022.

Now till April 30th: 


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     What makes the MAEA/MFPE conference amazing is YOU!  You have until April 30th to submit applications to present.  In May, the conference planning team and I will be scheduling.  We are so excited!  Please don't wait, please submit today?

     The team is already excited to be providing you a half day institute at the Bray on Friday partially funded by a grant from the MFPE as well as a great keynote from the NAEA, Ray Yang, Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion.  Ray will also be providing some breakout sessions while he is in Helena.  In addition to those great opportunities, we are looking forward to adding your knowledge, expertise, and connections to this great opportunity.     


We have had a few not able to attend our retreat so there are 3 spots open if you would like to join us for an amazing time learning everything about clay!


Thanks to Ned and the Belgrade team for taking this on and planning a great two days for us!  

MARCH was Youth Art Month

A special thanks to Victor Daniels of Helena High for serving as our MAEA Youth Art Month Chair again this year as well as all the schools who participated in the statewide show in the state capital.  Presence is important!  The show will come down April 6th and Victor will be getting your work returned in the manner agreed upon.  If you didn't get a chance to make it to Helena during Youth Art Month you can still see the show online by visiting our Youth Art Month page.


Together we are stronger!  To find out the benefits of NAEA membership.  Our local organization is run by volunteers and your membership lets us know you appreciate all we do for you.  We serve you on the state and national level.  We organize the fall conference, spring retreat, and MAI as well as serve as a medium of communication with interested parties across our state and nation.  We do our best to keep you informed and connected.  If there is a way, we could better serve you, please let us know.  If you appreciate what we do, please make sure you have a current membership in place.  You matter.  WE matter.  Art matters.