Listed below are the current Secondary Programs of Study within the Montana Career Pathways. These Secondary Programs of Study are built upon the Statewide Pathways.

The Secondary Programs of Study utilizes the Montana Career Pathway-specific “recommended high school courses” and list the pathway foundation courses, provides a listing of recommended elective courses, and can assist both students and teachers in course planning.

The courses listed within each of the Secondary Programs of Study utilize the Montana K-12 Course Codes. These course codes are based upon the national SCED (School Codes for the Exchange of Data) Codes and are the same course codes local districts use when entering course data into the OPI’s TEAMS school staffing system. The data entered into TEAMS is the same data used for completion of the Montana CTE Student Participation Reports and the calculation of Montana VoEd/CTE funding. 


The Sample Approval Form listed below Secondary Programs of Study will be completed and sent to CTE teachers by the OPI CTE Specialist after the Montana CTE Student Participation Reports have been reviewed and approved. A Pathway Approval Form will be filled out for each CTE Program & for each available Statewide Pathway based upon the data within Montana CTE Student Participation Reports for each school/CTE program area. The Pathway Approval Forms will be sent electronically directly to the CTE teacher(s) listed in the Montana CTE Student Participation Reports.

Upon receipt of the Pathway Approval Form, CTE teachers will have the opportunity to list any Work-Based Learning experience provided by CTE Program &/or school, Dual Credit/Concurrent Enrollment course offerings, and Industry Recognized Credentials available within the CTE program area.

Completed Pathway Approval Forms will be sent back to the program area’s OPI CTE Specialist for final review and approval. Approved Montana Career Pathways will be pre-populated in Perkins E-Grants for the upcoming school year.