Industrial Trades and Technology Education programs provide a comprehensive and technological learning experience to prepare students to become productive citizens in an ever-changing society.

The mission of Industrial Trades and Technology Education is to prepare students for successful careers by building a solid foundation of the required knowledge and skills that lead to careers in industrial technology.

Industrial Trades and Technology Education is a study of technology and industry, which provides an opportunity for students to learn about the processes and knowledge related to Industrial Trades and Technology that are needed to solve problems and extend human capabilities.  The strength of Industrial Trades and Technology Education is that of a hands-on approach that adds an emphasis of the technological nature of life and industry.  Nationally, the majority of industrial trade area employers report a huge shortage of skilled workers, with the prospects of filling thousands of current or new, well-paying jobs becoming a major crisis as new technologies emerge and current employees reach retirement age.

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Industrial Technology Careers & Pathways

Montana Career Pathways

Montana Career Pathways is a fantastic tool for discovering the hundreds of CTE career opportunities available in Montana.  MCP can provide you with the knowledge you need to choose the right path for you.  Features include:  graduation requirements, volunteer work, internships & apprenticeships, coursework and recommended classes, major options, career options, job growth, average salary and starting salary, industry recognized credentials (IRC's) and so much more.  Click the here to get started.




Dual Enrollment

What is Dual Enrollment?

Dual Enrollment Delivery Methods & Credit Options

Dual Enrollment is the broad term for opportunities for high school students to take college courses while still in high school.

Students take Dual Enrollment courses for either Dual Credit or College Credit Only. Dual Credit courses award high school and college credit simultaneously for the same course. College Credit Only courses award college credit (and not high school credit) for a college course.

Montana University System colleges and universities offer Dual Enrollement courses via two delivery models: Early College and Concurrent Enrollment.

Early College courses are standard college classes that are open to high school students and offered on a college campus or online for Dual Credit or College Credit Only.

Concurrent Enrollment Courses are college courses taught at a high school to a class of high school students by a qualified high school teacher for Dual Credit.

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One-Two-Free is the Montana University System's Dual Enrollment program. One-Two-Free launched in August 2018 as a pilot program funded by the MUS to increase access to higher education for high school students, reduce education costs for Montana families, and enhance student success. In February 2020, Montana Governor Steve Bullock and Commissioner of Higher Education Clayton Christian announced the continuation of One-Two-Free. The program offers two dual enrollment courses, or up to six credits, through the MUS to all eligible students for FREE. One-Two-Free also allows students who demonstrate hardship to apply for a scholarship to cover tuition for additional Dual Enrollment courses.


Career & Technical Student Organizations

Montana SkillsUSA Website

Montana Skills USA


Roberta Tilleman, SkillsUSA State Director (406) 868-3489


Montana TSA Website

Montana TSA Logo

Jesse Gray, TSA State Directors (406) 676-3390 ext. 7553