Why Family & Consumer Sciences?

Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS) Education’s Vision is to empower youth to manage the challenges of living and working in our society.

Beginning with life literacy education…education to enhance the ability to make informed decisions about their lives…youth then learn how the same knowledge and skills are foundational to the people centered careers.  Many agree this is vitally important to the education of our youth today as living healthy lives is key to community vitality. And people centered careers are vital to meeting the needs of human beings.

Beginning in the middle grades, Family & Consumer Sciences Education’s Mission is to prepare students for family life, work life and developing the foundational skill set of the high skill, high need people-centered careers through Family & Consumer Sciences pathways (see career examples for each):

  • Design and Construction--FCS (e.g., Interior Design, and Fashion Design/Consulting, Entrepreneur)
  • Education and Training (e.g., pre-K through post-secondary educator, School Counselor, Worksite Trainer)
  • Hospitality & Tourism (e.g., Event Planner, Tourism Director, Chef, Entrepreneur)
  • Human Services (e.g., Childcare, Social Work, Family Advocate, Credit Counselor Nutritionist, Geriatric Program Manager)


To learn more about Montana FCS Education, visit our MT FCS Network Website.

To learn more about how Montana FCS Education and FCCLA provides “Foundational Life Literacy for Workforce Success


Family and Consumer Sciences Career Pathways


Why Family, Career and Community Leaders of America?

An intracurricular component of FCS Education knowledge and skill mastery is Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) where students:

  • Gain leadership experience and personal growth.
  • Develop  employability skills including teamwork, communication, speaking, time management and responsibility.
  • Experience real world applications of the FCS content to enhance mastery.
  • Learn by doing under the watchful eye of a licensed FCS adviser.

    Schools benefit through:
  • Additional funding support for having a FCCLA chapter.
  • Enhanced student engagement thus increasing graduation rates.
  • Building high quality career and technical education programs with CTSO experiences.
  • Offering FCCLA as a resume builder for students in all areas but especially important in rural schools where other opportunities are limited.

    The community benefits through:
  • The strong service component which has economic value to meet community needs.
  • Having a youth voice which builds a stronger community structure.
  • Businesses having an youth employee base with stronger employability skills.
  • Enhancing community/youth connections which enhances youth desire to return bringing their families to live where they grew up.

For more information, see our MT FCCLA website 


Say Yes to FCS in Montana!

Be a part of the FCS education family for the following reasons:

  • Teach topics that you and your students can apply into their daily lives.
  • Select a family-friendly career that understands parents are important in the lives of their children.
  • Guaranteed job placement anywhere in Montana.
  • Beginning level job wages with advancement opportunities for wage increases
  • Travel with your FCCLA chapter across the US

For more information, see the MSU FCS Education website:


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