Page Last Updated 02/19/2020


What is the Jobs for Teachers Service?

The Jobs for Teachers Service, located at, provides easy access to K-12 education job opportunities in Montana and is free to use. The service is provided as a courtesy by the Montana Office of Public Instruction (OPI).

Job seekers may use the service to search for jobs and create and store a resume that is searchable by schools.  Please note that while the system is available to anyone to use to search for jobs, some locations outside of the USA are blocked from accessing the service due to security concerns.  See the "I am located outside of the USA and the service doesn't seem to be working." entry below for more information.

Any K-12 public or private entity located in Montana and seeking certified educators or staff are eligible to post jobs via the service.  Entities located outside of the State of Montana or not seeking certified educators or staff are not eligible to use the service to post jobs at this time. 

How do I setup an account?

For Job Seekers - If you wish to create and store a searchable resume on the service, visit the ePass Montana website and setup an ePass Montana account

For Schools and Districts Accredited by the OPI - Montana school and district officials can request access to the service by following this link. 

For other entities located in Montana that are seeking certified Montana educators and staff - If your organization does not have a Legal Entity (LE) number assigned by the OPI and wishes to use the system to recruit certified Montana educators and staff, you may request access here.  Please include the following information in your request:

1. The name of your school or organization

2. The name(s) of the person(s) who will be posting jobs.  Each job poster must have their own account, accounts cannot be a "shared".

3. The email address(s) of the person(s) who will be posting jobs. 

4. The telephone number(s) of the person(s) who will be posting jobs.

Entities located outside of the State of Montana or not seeking certified educators or staff are not eligible to use the service to post jobs at this time. 


Montana University System employment and recruitment opportunities can be found here.  The Montana Works website is an excellent resource for general employment and recruitment opportunities in Montana.

I’m having trouble accessing my account, help!

For Schools and Districts (Job Posters):
The username and password to post jobs for the Jobs for Teacher Service is often the same one that you use for other OPI Information Reporting Systems.

Click here to reset your Job Poster password. 

Please note you’ll need to know your username and email address in order to reset your password.  If you’ve forgotten your username or your email address is not recognized, please contact us via or 406-444-2712 or use our contact form located here.

For Job Seekers:
If you’ve forgotten your username and/or password to manage your resume on the Job for Teacher Service, please visit the ePass Montana forgot username or password page.

I am located outside of the USA and the service doesn't seem to be working. 

The Jobs for Teachers Service is currently not accessible from some locations outside of the USA due to security concerns.   A "PAGE NOT SERVED - The requested page is not available" message typically indicates you are trying to access the Jobs for Teachers Service from a blocked locale.  If you are receiving a different error message, it may indicate a different type of problem and you should report it to us via or 406.444.2712 or use our contact form located here.

How can I post a job for our alternative high school since it is not available as a school in our district? (Willard Alternative, PAL, Paris Gibson, etc.) 

We suggest you select a "sponsor" school from one listed or select "- District Wide -" and indicate in the job description the name of the alternative school where the job is located. The ability for schools and districts to add and manage their own school lists may be added to the service in the future. 

How do I post a job that is for multiple grade ranges?

For example, my job is for grades 7-12 (middle and high school) but I can only choose one of the three grade ranges available (elementary, middle, high school). What grade range do I select to make sure my job isn't missed by people searching by grade range?
The service currently only allows job postings to be in a single grade range. The job poster has two options:

  • You can post the job as a grade range of either high school or middle school and highlight in the job description that this is a 7-12 job. Be aware that the job won't be found by people searching by the grade range you don't use.
  • You can post this job twice, once as a grade range of high school and once as a grade range of middle school.  This would ensure your job would be brought up if the user filtered by grade range when searching for a job. 

For either method the actual job description should specify this is a 7-12 job. The ability to have a single posting indicate include multiple grade ranges and show in the appropriate search results will be added to the service in the future.

When I cut and paste my resume/job posting from Word to the service, the formatting doesn't stay, why?

It depends on how the information was formatted in Word (or other word processing software) and how elaborate your formatting is.  Most problems stem from using spaces (via the space bar) to try to line up or format text. Using multiple different fonts, font styles and Styles also causes problems.  For best results a simple format with minimal fonts, styles and indents works best.  If you do indent, avoid using the space bar for indenting and instead use tabs and the indent formatting tools in your word processing program.

Links in a job posting aren't working, help!

Depending on the web browser you are using, you may need to press the "Ctrl" button on your keyboard while you click on the link (if you are using Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari) or press the "Ctrl" button and right click on the link (if you are using Chrome) and then select open link in a new tab or window.  You can also copy and paste the link into a new tab or window and open it that way.  JOB POSTERS: If you are publishing links in your job postings you may want to add the above instructions to your posting and make sure any links show the full http:// address so that copy/pasting them works.

How do I sort job postings?

Jobs are sorted in chronological order by default, with the most recent posts at the top.  You can click on the columns to sort alphabetically/chronologically by Vacancy area, City, Posted Date, Closing Date or Job Status.

Why can't I edit a job I posted?

After editing the text in your job description, you will not be allowed to update your job until you check the "Check if you understand and agree" box at the bottom of the listing.

How can I remove my resume from the Jobs for Teachers Service?

At this time you cannot remove or delete your resume, however we will be adding that ability in the future.  In the meantime, on the Job Seeker Details page you can uncheck the box labeled "Check here to make your account visible to schools/districts looking for applicants." and then click the update button at the bottom of the page. Your resume will then not be visible to anyone but you.  If the box is already unchecked, that means your resume is already not visible to anyone but you.  

You may also contact us via or 406.444.2712 or use our contact form located here and request to have your resume completely removed/deleted from the service.

Why are there so many old listings on the Jobs for Teachers Service?

Schools and districts can select either a close date or have a listing "open until filled".  Setting a close date automatically removes the listing after the specified close date.  For listings that are open until filled, the school or district must manually remove the listing.  The OPI has instituted a 180 day limit on the system so that all jobs will automatically drop off the system listings after 180 days.  A school or district can easily extend or repost a listing at anytime by using the edit jobs menu.

I still have questions or need help, who do I contact?

Contact the Jobs for Teachers team at or 406.444.2712 or use our contact form located here.