Approved Flight Schools

Utilization of Veterans education and training benefits for Flight Schools is a partnership between the flight school, the veteran, the State Approving Agency, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.  As the Certifying Official, you are the key to ensuring orderly and accurate processing for the veteran trainee within this alliance. This handbook is provided to assist you with this task.

This Handbook has been developed for use by Certifying Officials to assist with the certification process and maintenance of files for students receiving education benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA). All Flight Schools in Montana offering flight-training programs to eligible veterans are expected to have a copy of this Handbook. As regulations change, the Handbook will be updated and revised copies of the Handbook or addendum sheets will be provided. This Handbook provides the following information:

  • general information
  • Veterans Educational Programs (Chapters)
  • how a student applies for benefits
  • change of program or place of training procedures and forms
  • description of the responsibilities of a certifying official
  • guidelines to ensure that accurate records are established and maintained
  • directions for completing required VA forms for enrollment
  • monthly certification of veteran students 
  • requirements for SAA supervisory visits
  • reference information for certifying officials 

Flight School Certifying Officials Handbook

Non-Approved Flight Schools

In order to receive GI Bill Benefits for flight training, the flight school and its programs must be approved by the State Approving Agency.  If you wish to have your flight school approved, please complete and submit the application for approval to our office. 

In addition to the application, the Flight School Application Handbook is also included for your reference and assistance.


Flight School Application

Montana Flight School Application Handbook