Resources for Educators

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      Educator Training Resources:

Current Tobacco Trends and Impacts on Montana Youth - OPI Learning Hub

Educator Resource Page - American Lung Association

Vape Products Disguised as Every Day Items - WCNC NEWS VIDEO

E-Cigarettes Microlearning -  Video from the CDC and Tobacco Control Network for School Administrators/Educators


Curriculum Resources:

Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit - Free resource with prevention lesson plans for all tobacco products 

CATCH My Breath - Youth E Cig Prevention - E-Cigarette Use Prevention lesson plans for grades 5-12

The Rise of Vaping  - Video for youth from Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

The Real Cost of Vaping - FDA and Scholastic: Lessons and Activities for Grades 6-8 and 9-12

smokeSCREEN - A smoking and vaping prevention game from Yale Center for Health and Learning

E Cigarette Supplement - Project Alert.  Information and Facts for Educators and Youth

INDEPTH - Alternatives to Suspension from  the American Lung Association

Know the Risks - A virtual field trip from the Centers for Disease Control and Discovery Ed

Model Smoking Prevention Program - Let us know if you'd like a copy for your school. Montana Schools - Contact Kris Minard for MSPP

E-cigarette Presentation for Youth - Powerpoint for Teachers from the Centers for Disease Control

Healthy Futures - Alternative to Suspension Curriculum from the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit


More Electronic Cigarette Resources


Electronic Cigarette Prevention Media


Facts about Juul


Youth Resources for Quitting


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