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Safe Fleet is excited to announce the 2019 United to End Bullying (UEB) Grant Program. School communities, transportation teams, and non-profits offering bullying prevention, social-emotional learning, and kindness initiatives to students K-12 in Canada and the US are invited to apply. The grant program is open for applications from Friday, February 1st to Sunday, March 31st.
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Bully Free Montana

Administrative Rules of Montana require all schools to have policies and procedures addressing bullying behavior in schools, on school buses, at school-sponsored activities, and online. Montana Code Annotated defines law relative to bullying.

This page contains resources for students, parents and schools, including:

  • Model policies and procedures for schools,
  • Montana’s Student Protections and Procedures accreditation rule,
  • What you can do if you are being bullied,
  • How to respond to cyber-bullying,
  • Tips for parents, and
  • Links to state and national resources.

When we work together, we can make Montana bully-free.                   

Bully Free Toolkit Link                       Image of the Assessing Prevention Capacity & Implementing Change Document