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The Science Resource Repository has available Repository by Topic which compares NGSS with the MT Science standards and makes available formative assessment items for your review/use.

Montana Accomplishments

If you know of accomplishments not listed here, please notify


Congratulations 2020 Montana Teacher of the Year, Linda Rost!

Linda Rost TOY 2020637032271177259532

Baker High School Science Teacher 

Congratulations to the Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST) 2019 Awardees

Kimberly Popham, Belgrade HS, Belgrade, Montana

Thomas Cubbage, CM Russell HS, Great Falls, Montana

Robert Jensen, Hellgate HS, Missoula, Montana


Congratulations to the Apollo 50th Anniversary Competition Winners! 

(links are pictures of Teams through the Montana Learning Center's (MLC) Facebook Page) Videos of Team presentations available through MLC FB page                                        

HS Team Fusion of Helena traveled to NASA's Johnson Space Center  

Middle School Girl Scouts Lunar Loonies traveled to NASA's Kennedy Space Center   

Browning Middle School Moon Dancers traveled to the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 


Congratulations to Curriculum Developer and Teacher Leader Chris Pavlovich!

Chris developed a place-based watershed unit, "Watershed Warriors" that incorporates all standards for 5th grade.  She will be sharing this process with Mongolian teachers when she goes to Mongolia this summer!  Chris has also shared this curriculum with all Montana Teachers on the Teacher Learning Hub in the course she wrote, "Watershed Education 3-5: Place-based Education

Picture of the team


Congratulations to Biology Teacher  of the Year!

Katie Capp, Belgrade HS, Belgrade, Montana


Congratulations to NSTA Award Winners!

To:  Maggie Chioko Hammel, teacher of science, Carter County HS, Ekalaka, MT for receiving the Maitland P. Simmons Memorial Award for New Teachers of Science at the National Science Teaching Association's Annual Awards Gala.

To: Rayelynn Brandl, director of Clark Fork Watershed Education Program, MT Tech, Butte, for receiving the Distinguished Informal Science Education Award

PAEMST Winners

Justine Hurley Portrait Photo

Being a Presidential Award recipient is an incredible honor. This award is a tribute to all who have supported me in my career: my family, friends, community, and all my students. My students have made me the teacher that I am and I'm so grateful for all of them. This award ignites my goal of motivating and engaging other rural elementary teachers in quality science education. It is extremely rewarding to be recognized for something I truly enjoy and about which I am so passionate.

Justine Hurley White Sulphur Springs, MT | K-6, Science, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Justine Hurley has spent her 12-year teaching career at White Sulphur Springs Elementary. She currently teaches all subjects to her third-grade class and previously served as the elementary reading specialist for four years. Justine’s passion for teaching elementary science extends to her students by creating a classroom culture that is constantly evolving, engaging, and hands-on. Students in her classroom benefit from using a cross-disciplinary science instruction model that makes science relevant in everything that they are learning. Justine strives to bring current science-related educational practices and opportunities to rural schools in the state of Montana. She has organized and led professional development sessions regarding implementation of new mathematics and science programs. Justine earned a B.A. in elementary education from Eastern Washington University and is currently completing a M.S. in curriculum and instruction. She is certified to teach kindergarten through eighth grade elementary school curriculum.


Thomas Redmon Portrait Photo

Receiving the Presidential Award is quite an honor. It is humbling to see the accomplishments and impact other awardees have had across the country; I aspire to their success. Most of all, becoming an awardee has made me particularly reflective and appreciative of my incredible colleagues that inspire and challenge me every day. I am beyond fortunate to work with amazing teachers and friends in Hamilton and beyond. They all deserve recognition.

Thomas Redmon Hamilton, MT | K-6, Mathematics, 2018

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Thomas “Tom” Redmon has been an educator for nine years. For the past year he has taught all subjects for first grade at Washington Primary. Tom previously taught fourth grade for two years at Daly Elementary and third, fourth, sixth, and eighth grades at Lolo Elementary for six years. Developing deep conceptual understanding of mathematics is Tom’s passion. He enjoys creating engaging lessons to help students make connections to prior knowledge and form new understandings. Tom’s passion for teaching extends beyond the classroom to leadership throughout the state. He helped create the Montana Elementary Math Community, facilitates math matters workshops for the Office of Public Instruction, and serves on the board for the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics. LearnZillion helped Tom develop as a teacher. He created instructional videos for eighth grade functions, coached teachers in developing conceptual understanding lessons for third grade, and oversaw the development of fractions lessons in a kindergarten through eighth grade curriculum. He also led professional development about productive struggle and task-based learning. Tom earned a B.A. in mathematics and in elementary education from St. John’s University. He earned his M.Ed. in educational leadership from the University of Montana. Tom is certified in elementary education and secondary mathematics education.


Claire Pichette Portrait Photo

The Presidential Award is a honor I am proud to share with my students, my school, and my community. It is a celebration of all the people who have challenged and inspired me to grow and improve as a teacher. Learning, much like science, is a process that doesn’t happen without some ups and downs. This award validates the hours we’ve spent together, struggling through hard work and mistakes, to reach a greater understanding of the natural world.

Claire Pichette Helena, MT | 7-12, Science, 2017

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Claire Pichette has been a science teacher at Helena High School for the past 11 years. She currently teaches Project Lead the Way Principles of Biomedical Sciences, which is an elective for grades 9-12, and Biology I for 10th-grade students. As a coach for the school’s science Olympiad and Envirothon teams, Claire enjoys helping students prepare to compete at state and national levels. Her favorite activities involve getting outdoors in the field to learn and teach about Montana’s natural resources and management. With funding from the National Institutes of Health, Claire has worked with researchers from Montana Tech and the Clark Fork Watershed Education Program to help students learn about bacteriophages and how they can be used to combat antibiotic-resistant bacterial diseases such as tuberculosis. This opportunity has provided students with real-life, hands-on scientific research experience and exposure to graduate-level laboratory science in the classroom. Claire earned a B.A., cum laude, in biological sciences from Willamette University and a B.S. in biological sciences and secondary education from Montana State University. She is certified in broad field science and health professions—therapeutics.


Beth Walsh Portrait Photo

This award recognizes the love and care that I invest in my students and career to provide a meaningful mathematics education. It validates professional development and encourages teachers to improve their craft while serving as leaders to advance mathematics education. It is a privilege to be considered for the highest honor an educator can receive, as it honors all whom influenced and supported me. Most importantly, it honors the students who trust me to inspire and prepare them for success

Beth Walsh East Helena, MT | 7-12, Mathematics, 2017

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Beth Walsh has been an educator for 20 years. She teaches seventh-grade Mathematics and Pre-Algebra at East Valley Middle School, where she's taught for the past 16 years. Previously, she taught seventh-grade mathematics for one year at Woodland Park Middle School. She has also taught at Bethel Regional Junior High School and Kwigillingok School. Beth communicates her love for mathematics with humor and engaging activities that encourage critical thought and foster open communication with her students. Her classroom is a place where students feel safe to share their solutions, ideas, and questions. She lives by a “Success for All” motto. Beth extends her commitment for mathematics to colleagues as well. Her leadership roles have spanned the school, district, and state curriculum. She leads her school's professional learning community and her district's mathematics department to cultivate teachers' best practices. She serves on the board of directors for the Montana Council of Teachers of Mathematics and Carroll College's Teacher Advisory Board. Beth continues to develop leadership skills by participating in the Teacher Leadership Institute and Mathematics. Beth earned a B.S. in elementary education from Central Michigan University. She is certified to teach kindergarten through eighth-grade mathematics and has child development and English endorsements.


Judith Boyle Portrait Photo

Receiving this award is not only an honor for myself but one I share with the school’s community. This recognition brings to light the uniqueness a rural, one-room school offers and honors all the exceptional teachers in this unparalleled environment. This award motivates me to continue my quest to bring conceptual change in the pedagogy of teaching science to teachers, and it challenges and motivates me to invigorate other teachers to bring science to the forefront of education.

Judith Boyle Divide, MT | K-6, Science, 2016

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Judith "Judy" Boyle has been teaching for 34 years in various states, including Vermont, New Hampshire, Idaho, and Montana. For 13 years, she has been teaching at Divide School (a one-room schoolhouse), as its only teacher. Given this situation, she teaches kindergarten through eighth grade students in all subjects, integrating science, mathematics, and English/language arts into her curriculum. Judy participates in the Montana Partnership with Regions for Excellence in STEM, and is a Northwest earth and space science pipeline trainer bringing the Next Generation Science Standards to Montana teachers. She is the President-elect of the Montana Science Teachers Association and was the Montana alternate delegate at the National Science Teachers Association’s National Congress on Science Education in 2016. In addition, she was a member of the Negotiated Rulemaking Committee for the new Montana Science Standards, and presented in support of these standards to Montana’s Education and Local Government Committee at the Montana state capitol. She was awarded the Montana PBS Mission US Award in 2010, and the Montana Environmental Educator Teacher of the Year in 2011. Judy earned a B.S. in elementary education, magna cum laude, from Norwich University and she is a certified teacher in kindergarten through eighth grade elementary education.


Dacia Lackey Portrait Photo

The Presidential Award is symbolic of the colleagues, administrators, and students that I am fortunate to work with. Their support through collaboration, questioning, learning, laughing and growing inspires me daily. It means that perseverance, courage and teamwork are essential elements to our success. This award encourages me to continue to follow my passion in regards to teaching mathematics and helping productive strugglers through discourse and authentic mathematical modeling tasks.

Dacia Lackey Bozeman, MT | K-6, Mathematics, 2016

The official biography below was current at the time of the award.

Dacia Lackey has been an educator for 21 years. She has spent the last six years at Hyalite Elementary School where she teaches mathematics, science, and art to fifth grade classes. Dacia engages her students in real-world mathematical modeling experiences, providing them the opportunity to take risks, engage in discourse, analyze data, and take part in a variety of STEM challenges. These young mathematicians see how mathematics concepts are connected and applied in real life. Her students self-differentiate, form and test conjectures, use technology, and investigate real-world situations by asking mathematical questions. Dacia has presented at the 2016 Montana State Office of Public Instruction, Title 1 Conference, and recently (through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics) co-authored an article in Mathematics Teaching in the Middle School, "Exploring Yellowstone National Park with Mathematical Modeling.". She currently serves on Bozeman's District Math and Professional Development Committees and is a cooperating teacher for education students through Montana State University. Dacia also co-teaches an afterschool STEM club where students learn about engineering, coding, and LEGO robotics. Dacia earned a B.A., cum laude, in elementary education from Washington State University, and is a certified kindergarten through eighth grade teacher


Calendar and Upcoming Opportunities


  • Now:  Call for presenters for the upcoming Montana Environmental Education Association conference at Chico Hot Springs, Pray, MT on March 26-28, 2020.  The theme this year is "Montana's Many Voices: Exploring Equity and Inclusion in Environmental Education"  The focus is on providing educators with resources to ensure their environmental education is promoting environmental literacy to all demographics and incorporating the varied perspectives from across our state


  • Now  Registration open now for HS Juniors! Occurring Nov-June: Free for High School Juniors - Western Aerospace Scholars program.  Two phases, first an online course starting in November, successful completion of the course allows Phase 2 which is attending a 7-day STEM camp at the Montana Learning Center at Canyon Ferry Lake (MLC) where students work with STEM professionals, NASA scientists, and university professors and students of STEM  fields
  • Now Bring NASA into the classroom with the ROADS on Mars Competition.  The Rover Observation and Drone Survey (ROADS) on Mars Challenge opens Sept 23, 2019 Contact Ryan Hannahoe at the Montana Learning Center, (406) 475-3638, for details.  Print the brochure.
  • Now - October 23:  Samsung Solve for Tomorrow contest. Teachers from 6th - 12th grades can win more than a 100K for their classroom in this competition that invites teachers to lead students in creating a STEM-centered solution that addresses a need in their communities.  For more details, including the contest rules go to the Samsung Solve for tomorrow website.


  • Now Name the Mars Rover Contest. Due by November 1st!  Students K-12 can suggest names to NASA to name the Mars rover that is being launched summer of 2020 and heading to Mars
  • Now - Dec 1:  Partners in Science Program offers high school science teachers the opportunity to to pair with a researcher in an academic lab.  The goal is to help teachers bring knowledge from the research lab directly into the classroom.  For more details and/or to register, visit the High School Science Teachers and Research Partners website.


  • Oct 21: Join the MPG Ranch scientists and mountain lion trackers for students to learn about habitat, behavior, and human impact and interaction through the IC Mountain Lion Challenge: Free to teachers


  • Nov-June: Middle and HS Teachers needed for the Western Aerospace Scholars (WAS)-up to 2800 in stipends and 60 RU's, now taking applications
  • Dec 28 - Jan 2: Hybrid Course BIOE 599 Advanced Winter Ecology based in Yellowstone National Park, contact the MSSE office at  (2 credits Dept of Ecology, MSU-Bozeman).
  • Nominate an Outstanding Biology Teacher!  Must have three years teaching experience.  Contact Kim Popham at or go to to nominate an outstanding biology teacher.

Featured Science Hub Courses


Take a look at the Teacher Learning Hub for a variety of science courses (and courses in all content areas)


Self Paced Science Courses:



Fall Facilitated Courses: 



Science Foundation:


Be prepared for next years’ new science assessments, become an expert on the NGSS and Montana Standards with the Science Foundation Hub Courses.  These courses take you step by step through the depth of the new science standards for a rich and deep understanding of this instructional conceptual change. 

  1. Montana's Science Standards 101
  2. Montana's Science Standards 201: Three-dimensional Learning
  3. Montana's Science Standards 301: Phenomena-based Learning
  4. Montana's Science Standards 401: Project-based Learning

Helpful Resources


The Wonder of Science: Paul Anderson 


MPRES Toolkit for Teachers


STEM Teaching Tools


The first three OpenSciEd units for middle school science have been officially released. All three of these units were independently reviewed by Achieve's Science Peer Review Panel and are listed as examples of quality materials on the website




Montana Science Teachers Association MSTA


Montana Natural History Center has a new science and nature program call ID Naturalist.  It has been designed to support MT Standards & NGSS. Learn more about this by watching the ID Naturalist Video.


ePals Bring global collaboration to your students


Real life Data Challenge: Inspired Classroom