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Comparison Document NGSS vs MT

The Science Resource Repository has available Repository by Topic which compares NGSS with the MT Science standards and makes available formative assessment items for your review/use.



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Featured Science Hub Courses

Looking for free, online professional learning? Need more renewal units? Take a look at the Teacher Learning Hub for a variety of science courses (and courses in all content areas as well)

Summer Facilitated Courses: 

  • June 24 through July 21:  3D Learning in Your Classroom
  • July 1 through July 26: CrossCutting Concepts: The Big Picture

Science Foundation:

These courses take you step by step through the depth of the new science standards for a rich and deep understanding of this instructional conceptual change. 

  1. Montana's New Science Standards: An Introduction
  2. Montana's New Science Standards 101
  3. Montana's New Science Standards 201: Three-dimensional Learning
  4. Montana's New Science Standards 301: Phenomena-based Learning
  5. Montana's New Science Standards 401: Project-based Learning


Self Paced Science Courses::

Watershed Education 3-5: Place-based Education

All Science Hub Course Listings