The USDA Food and Nutrition Service is making funding available in Federal Fiscal Year 2022 for supply chain assistance. This funding is in response to the challenges in purchasing and receiving food that districts are experiencing in School Year 2022-23.  Many districts are experiencing challenges in purchasing and receiving food through their normal distribution channels.

To assist districts with supply chain disruptions, the Food and Nutrition Service will provide Montana districts up to $3,490,480 in relief funding. This funding will enhance efforts to strengthen local food supply chains and help districts to overcome financial and operational barriers while maintaining children’s access to nutritious meals.

The Office of Public Instruction will distribute funds to participating districts to help defray the costs of unanticipated cancellation of food contracts, reduced availability of foods, unexpected substitution of products, and unpredictable increases in food prices. The funds will support direct purchasing of domestically grown, unprocessed or minimally processed food products by districts to address immediate supply chain disruption barriers.

For questions on payments, contact Alie Wolf, 406-459-5394

For questions on program guidelines, contact Chris Emerson, 406-444-2502



USDA U.S. Department of Agriculture; Supply Chain Assistance for Schools; Commodity Credit Corporation Funds By State; To help schools deal with supply chain challenges brought on by the pandemic, SUDA is providing up to: $1 billion in Supply Chain Assistance funds for schools to purchase food for their meal programs, $300 million for states to purchase USDA Foods to distribute to schools, and $200 million for cooperative agreements to purchase local foods for schools, focusing on historically underused producers.

The three elements of USDA's Supply Chain Assistance Program are summarized below

The dollar amount listed is Montana's allocation.

Supply Chain Assistance Funds (FNS)

Round 1: $3,639,907
Round 2: $3,490,480
Round 3: $2,254,430

Supply Chain Assistance funding can be used by school districts to purchase unprocessed and minimally processed domestic food.


USDA Foods Purchases (USDA)


USDA has identified a large list of available products. States will be able to order these additional foods within the coming weeks, with deliveries to occur as soon as possible. 


Local Food for School Cooperative Agreements (AMS)


This program will strengthen the food system for schools by helping to build a fair, competitive, and resilient local food chain and expanding local and regional markets with an emphasis on purchasing from historically underserved producers and processors.

Round 1 Distribution: March 25, 2022

Round 2 Distribution: December 2022

Round 3 Distribution: March 2023

8 Trucks $754,484.92

  • Beef Patty
  • Black Beans
  • Deli Turkey
  • Vegetable Oil
  • Deli Ham
  • Applesauce Cups
  • Chicken Strips (unbreaded)

Deliveries are ongoing throughout SY23.

Application Submitted 7/18/22