Seamless Summer Option 

For School Year 2021-22, schools have the option to operate the new Seamless Summer Option, SSO, or continue to operate the National School Lunch Program, NSLP: Program Comparison Chart. The Summer Food Service Program (SFSP) will not be an option for SY 2021-2022. Montana Office of Public Instruction is currently making administrative and technology changes to existing systems to accommodate the SSO. We will announce when applications are open in an upcoming School Nutrition Programs newsletter.   

  • SSO is a combination of the NSLP & SFSP programs.
  • Schools planning to operate SSO do not need to pass out Free and Reduced Price applications.
  • SSO follows the same nutritious NSLP/SBP meal pattern requirements not SFSP meal pattern.
  • Meals will be free to all kids if schools decide to operate SSO. NSLP is still an option for schools to operate.
  • The higher reimbursement rate that was offered for SFSP is being allowed for SSO during SY2021-22.

Meal Service Waivers

Schools will need to re-opt into waivers for the 2021-2022 School Year via this Google Survey

Title Program Funding

Free and Reduced applications are not required for families to fill out to receive free meals if school is operating SSO. The USDA has released a guide with recommendations for Allocating Title I Funds without School Meal Data. Contact Jack O’Connor, 444-3083 with Title Funding questions. 


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