Including correct information by and about American Indians in a culturally responsive manner is one of the most successful strategies schools can use to increase student and family engagement and improve academic achievement.

Using the materials and resources provided from the Indian Education's Indian Education for All website, is one one to include culture within your curriculum standards. You can also use the links in Tribal Resources to learn more information about each tribe in Montana including, government structure, land resources, and tribal histories.

Use the links below to explore addtional resources related to ways to promote inclusion of culture for your school.


Cultural Proficiency and Equity Pedagogy

Culture Card : A Guide to Build Awareness: American Indian and Alaska Native from SAMHSA

Culturally Proficient Instruction by K.N. Robins, R.B. Lindsey, D.B. Lindsey and R.D. Terrell


Chapter 1



Student Leadership, Support and Advocacy

Community and Elder Resources