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The 2021 Legislature appropriated $13.5M in ESSER II and III funds for data systems modernization at the OPI. 

Using these funds, the OPI, in partnership with schools and other stakeholders will work on simplifying and improving data systems to make all things data easier for schools.


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Project Overview*

* from the May 7, 2021 Meeting

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Project Timeline

May-June 2021

  • Submit American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) plan for approval to the US Department of Education. The Data Systems Modernization Project is part of this overall plan submitted. 

Summer-Fall 2021

  • Convene focus groups and the K-12 Data Task force to get initial feedback and project plan evaluation.

September 2021

  • Report to the Legislative Financial Committee on the project plan financial considerations

 Fall 2021-Winter 2022

  • Consulting firm brought in to provide analysis and support around project tasks the OPI doesn't have the capacity to do. 

Spring-Summer 2022

  • Actively working to executive and implement project plans around the OPI systems. 

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