$1,000 Lead Remediation Reimbursement Grants for Schools

The Background:

Lead testing in school water supplies language was added to the long standing requirement in the Water Supply System rule, which requires schools to test all human consumption fixtures for lead. Read more about the State of Montana's Department of Public Health and Human Services administrative rule 37.111.832 Water Supply System

The Lead Reduction in Schools Drinking Rule and its associated grant assists all Montana schools in testing their drinking water for the presence of lead. If lead is found above the acceptable amount, the school then has the opportunity to apply for a remediation grant of $1,000 from the OPI, the Department of Environmental Quality, and the Department of Public Health and Safety.   

The remediation necessary is based on the level of lead concentration found:

  • Category 1 – Lead concentrations greater than 15.0 micrograms per Liter (µg/L) – fixture must be immediately removed from service.
  • Category 2 – Lead concentrations greater than 5.0 µg/L less than 15.0 µg/L – fixture must be fixed, replaced or removed from service.
  • Category 3 – Lead concentrations less than 5.0 µg/L – no action is required.

Following the completion of remediation activities, schools must:

  1. Take a follow-up sample from each fixture that had remedial action to confirm it can be put back in service. 
  2. Complete regular testing of that fixture to ensure. 
  3. Make the results available to the public.

Read more about testing and remediation on the DEQ website


The Grant Facts:

  • The Lead Remediation Reimbursement Grants for Schools Application is open and will remain open until application for funds exceeds the amount available. 
  • The Grant, if approved, provides up to $1,000 to be used toward remediation reimbursement.
  • Funds will be awarded in the order grant applications are received. 
  • Complete the application below to apply for the grant funds.
  • Invoices and applications are due on the 25th of every month and payments will be made on the 10 th of the following month.
  • Due to fiscal logistics, reimbursements can only be made after a total of $5,000 has been established by the OPI; meaning 5 schools have submitted approved applications.
  • Application for Lead Remediation Reimbursement Grant

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