The Office of Public Instruction (OPI) is required to collect and report specific data elements to the USED in order to support planning, policy-making, and management/budget decision-making at the federal level.The OPI has a standard to: 

  1. not collect any data we are not required to report
  2. reduce as much burden or redundancy as possible on the schools and districts who submit data
  3. promote transparency about the results of the data to our wide range of stakeholders.

Data collected by the OPI can be found in our GEMS Data Warehouse. For more information about data being reported to the USED, visit the US EDFacts Initiative page.

OPI Data Governance Committee 

The mission of the OPI Data Governance Committee (DGC) is to establish and enforce policies related to agency data collection, management, and reporting.

Guiding Principles:

  • Ethics and security will be a part of every decision the group makes.
  • Members have the authority and commitment to make policy recommendations and decisions.
  • Members will bear in mind legal considerations, including Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), when making decisions.
  • Data quality will be considered when making decisions.

The OPI Data Governance Committee is made up of Data Owners and others at OPI with a high level of responsibility regarding data. Each data element that is collected and reported on is assigned a Data Owner.The Data Owner is responsible for defining how data is defined, collected, quality assured and reported, as well as provides guidance around how to use it appropriately.

Data Governance Committee Charter

Core Data Stewards Committee

The Core Data Stewards Committee is made up of staff throughout the agency who have been designated by a Data Owner as a Data Steward to carry out day-to-day responsibilities, actions, and management regarding the data within their area of responsibility.The Core Data Stewards Committee is a collaboration of OPI Data Stewards and is managed and coordinated by the OPI Data Governance Facilitator.

  • Data Stewards
    These individuals manage data elements at various points of the data lifecycle. They act on behalf of the owner to carry out certain responsibilities related to program data elements/categories (in accordance with the business and technical rules set forth for that data element). Data stewards are a subset of Data Owners; In most cases, data are “owned” by senior business leads that have the authority for sensitive data, and those owners will delegate their rights to stewards for managing the data.
  • Data Owner
    For each data element that is collected by the OPI and reported to the USED, a Data Owner will be assigned. The Data Owner is responsible for defining how data is defined, collected (working with Data Governance and Core Data Stewards Committees) and quality assured and reported, and guidance around how it is used appropriately.

For more information, E-Mail: Jamey Ereth, Data Governance Manager at