In the twenty-first century, students come to school with many needs. In this era of ensuring that all students are supported in meeting core standards, schools must also support students who are highly abled and show high potential for excellence in school and in life.

Enrichment alone is not a gifted program, and all gifted learners are not the same. All learners deserve and need an enriched school experience. Identified gifted students need specific interventions that provide high quality, rigorous, and appropriate challenges in their regular classroom throughout their K-12 educational experience to grow and thrive.                                                                                                       

Educators can use the Gifted Education Training Site and/or Montana's Gifted Education Planning Guide to find research-based best practices in gifted education.  

Set up a quality program to meet the needs of all students.

  1. Program and Student Success Checklist
  2. Montana Advanced Learning Plan
  3. Montana Program Planning Template

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