Assistive Technology Survey

    You are invited participate in a national study regarding Assistive Technology (AT)/AT Services in our schools across the country. As you know, a critical component of IDEA requires AT to be "considered" as part of students' IEP, but there is no information regarding who provides AT, their comfort with and knowledge of AT and the AT process. This survey is designed for two groups: 1) special education administrators and 2) special education teachers and related services providers. We are hoping that the results of this study will provide more information about the AT services in our schools and suggest the ways preservice institutions prepare our future educators and related service providers for the rigors of working with students in need of AT/AT services.

    We ask that you complete this survey yourself and in addition, please forward the survey link to the following professionals in your county:

    1. District and Regional Special Education Directors

    2. Special Education Teachers

    3. Speech Language Pathologists

    4. Occupational Therapists

    5. Assistive Technology Professionals (local and or with contracting agencies)

    Please click on the link below to complete the survey.


    The survey includes only rating questions and will take no more than 10-15 minutes to complete. In addition, please forward this link to personnel listed above. All of the information provided will be handled with the utmost concern for complete anonymity by the research team.

    On behalf of the Division of Special Education and Disability Research as well as the Division of Learning Technologies at George Mason University, we sincerely Thank You in advance for your time, and consideration. If you have any questions simply e-mail or call me at 703-993-5256 or aevmenov@gmu.edu. Your opinion is very important to us!


    Diana Jurist & Anya Evmenova, Ph.D.

    George Mason University