Colleges for students with Aspergers

(The below is from two of the MAEP Autism Consultants who were asked for suggestions for colleges which focus on students with Aspergers.)

I have had two students who have successfully gone to out of state colleges that provided excellent programs for students with Autism. The best thus far has been the university of Colorado in Denver. Their CLE(College Living Experience) program is expensive but phenomenal it is located within the campus grounds and he did wonderful. Parents can actually go on line and track their student daily activities and academic progress. They have school professors/counselors who they must check in with daily, outings they must attend daily and weekly (Target, museums,group dinners, movies, etc.). They also keep a budget that parents can access on line.

College Living Experience (CLE) is a post-secondary program for students who require additional support with academic, social and independent living skills. We provide intensive assistance to students with varying abilities. Since 1989, CLE has utilized a strength-based, individualized approach to supporting students' efforts to move toward greater independence and more fulfilling adult lives.

CLE students are enrolled in vocational, technical, community college and university programs at five locations: Austin, TX; Denver, CO; Ft. Lauderdale, FL; Monterey, CA; and Rockville, MD. Students travel from across the country to attend the program best suited to their needs.

CLE assists students in every step on their college path. Students live in apartments near the local CLE offices and student center, and CLE professional staff, including a clinical psychologist, work closely with students to provide structured tutoring sessions, independent living skills training, and supervised social outings. CLE also offers a day program, an online high school completion program and a three-week summer session in Denver for high school juniors and seniors.

1391 Speer Boulevard, Suite 400

Denver CO 80204

(Denver County)

(303) 825-2533 (Main Phone)

Judi Stein Stutman

(800) 486-5058 (Toll Free)
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These are the two collegiate programs I'm familiar with (I'm on the mailing list for Minnesota Life College). All post-secondary college opportunities depend highly on the individual characteristics of the student who is considering this step (and their family's goals). Minnesota is more for high-functioning students with executive functioning disorders, and Colorado is probably a bit more developmental, but both work on functional living skills and help students adjust to adult life.

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