Be the first to try out a tool that may improve

    Be the first to try out a tool that may improve

    your healthcare

    AASPIRE is a partnership between people on the autism spectrum, researchers, healthcare providers, and family members. We have created a healthcare toolkit to try to help people on the autism spectrum get better healthcare. We now want people to try it out in real life.

    You are invited to participate if you are an adult on the autism spectrum, live in the U.S., and have a primary care provider or regular doctor. (You may also participate if you are a support person for an adult on the autism spectrum who cannot participate him/herself.) We will ask you to try out our online healthcare toolkit. As part of the study, you can create a personalized accommodations report to help your healthcare providers understand how to better serve you.

    You will also have access to a website with information and worksheets about things like

    • · how to prepare for appointments,
    • · how to communicate better with your provider,
    • · how to follow up after a visit, and
    • · what your rights are in healthcare.

    You will take a 20-minute survey before and after using the toolkit. With your permission, we'll also ask your provider for feedback on the toolkit.

    If you take part in the study, you will receive a

    $30 Amazon.com gift card or check.

    To learn more, go to www.aaspire.org/healthcare[aaspire.org]. You can also contact Angie at (503)725-9634 or studies@aaspire.org.

    OHSU IRB #5580

    Principal Investigators:

    Christina Nicolaidis, MD, MPH, Oregon Health & Science University

    Dora Raymaker, MS, Autistic Self Advocacy Network


    Angie Mejia, MA, CAS
    Research Coordinator
    Academic Autistic Spectrum Partnership In Research and Education (AASPIRE)
    Email: mejiaa@ohsu.edu or studies@aaspire.org
    Voice: 503-725-9634