IMPACT Every Day iPad App

IMPACT Every Day is a scheduling and task management iPad app for those with autism or other conditions that create learning challenges. IMPACT Every Day’s aim is to provide these people with more independence, while also freeing up teachers and parents from excessive repetition of certain basic lessons.

The IMPACT Every Day app allows parents and teachers to create a schedule by day, week or month and then to include photo or video-driven tutorials to support selected tasks. (This content, created by the parent or teacher, must be loaded from a computer.)

Users mark activities as completed so teachers and parents can monitor progress. In addition, whenever a user needs assistance, he or she can use the app to notify a parent or teacher.

While the app is free, its use requires a student license ($65) to be purchased from and a student account to be created by a parent or educator, after he or she has created his or her own account.

More information can be found here.