Webinar $60 - Autism, Relationships, Sexuality, and Safety

Apr 23 2013, 1-3pm EST
Apr 25 2013, 5-7pm EST

Join us to learn the ways in which relationships and sexuality are different for adolescents and young adults who are on the autism spectrum. Nancy Nowell, Certified Sexuality Expert, will explain what to do about these complex issues. Learn how to deal with these issues at home, in school, and in a residential agency.

Participants will:

  • Identify 3 ways puberty is different for adolescents on the autism spectrum.
  • List 3 ways to support adolescents on the spectrum who are struggling with puberty.
  • Identify 3 problematic relationships or sexuality issues experienced by high school students and young adults on the spectrum.
  • List 3 ways to approach the problems that were identified.