‘Our life is hell’ – A rock star family’s struggle with autism

He was riding high as a heavy metal guitarist. She was a rock and roll wife. But when their twin boys developed autism, their lives crashed into pieces they are still trying to put together.
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Just before Christmas 2011, as Candi Spitz was putting her twin boys to bed, four-year-old Jaden took her face in his tiny hands and said, “Sweet dreams. Mommy loves you.”

Candi burst into tears. These were the first words Jaden had spoken since he and his twin brother Brendan had regressed into autism three years earlier.

“It was my most touching moment,” Candi said. “I knew everything I’ve said to them for the last five years is in there.”

And it gave her the one thing every parent of an autistic child needs: Hope.

Candi’s husband felt it too. Danny Spitz, the twins’ father, is a rock star, Grammy nominee and former lead guitarist for the metal band Anthrax. But none of those accolades mean much when examined beside the arduous daily life of his sons, trapped in a private world of manic meltdowns and rare magic moments
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