Stimming: What autistic people do to feel calmer

    There is a slang word that people in the autism community use to describe the noises and movements they sometimes make to feel calmer. It also covers habits such as nail-biting.What is this word?

    It's stimming, short for the medical term self-stimulatory behaviours - a real mouthful.

    Stimming might be rocking, head banging, repeatedly feeling textures or squealing. You'll probably have seen this in people with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) but not really wanted to ask about it.

    It is a term used widely in the ASD community.

    Why do people with autism stim?

    There are many reasons. The world-renowned animal behaviourist Temple Grandin is on the spectrum and says most people stim simply because it feels good.

    Should stimming be stopped?

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