8 Things I Wish Your Kids Knew About Autism

    4. Everybody's 'weird.'
    Stimming can seem weird at first if you're not used to it, but lots of people do things that are "weird." People who don't have autism or ADHD still do all kinds of little things when they're "spacing out" or thinking hard, like biting their nails, chewing their pencils, tapping their feet, or humming to themselves. It's just that we're more used to seeing those things. Other "weird" things that lots of kids and adults do are talking to themselves, being picky about foods, only liking certain kinds of shirts, picking at scabs, or only liking one particular author. What are some "weird" things that you do? It's okay that we're all different. Think how boring it would be if we all did the same things all the time!

    7. What are you a fan of?
    Some people with autism, especially a kind of autism called Asperger's syndrome, are really interested in one particular thing. Really, really interested. Their favorite topic could be anything: a certain video game, LEGOs, a kind of animal, weather patterns, ancient Egypt. But there are also a lot of kids and adults who don't have autism who are really into something.

    Everyone knows someone who seems "obsessed" with their favorite sports team, for example. You don't have to be autistic to be really into Harry Potter, Star Wars, or a favorite sports team. Sometimes kids with autism will forget to talk about other things besides their favorite topic. It's OK to say, "can we talk about something else now?

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